236 Did you get involved in a gangfight?

    Whilst turning his computer off, Bai Se continued to gather his scattered documents that were spread across the desk. "He's your husband. You should know him well enough. If he locates us, I will make sure the team evacuates."

    After packing up, Bai Se stood up with his bag in his hands and pointed at Lin Xiaoyu who was sound asleep. "The doctor says that his fever might have been caused by a bacterial infection. The fever may return but it won't be much of a concern. Why don't you stay here and look after him? I have to meet people from Feiteng. They have not decided where to hold the premier launching event. I will try to convince them to do it in Shanghai so that it's more convenient for you."

    Seeing how Bai Se took off in a rush, Lin Yiqian sighed to herself.

    From the moment she had stepped foot in this country, she knew that her career in the entertainment industry would face limitations.

    After the door was closed, Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze away from the door. All of a sudden, her phone started ringing. Worried that it might wake Xiaoyu up, she hurriedly turned on the silent mode.

    It was a call from Gu Nianshen.

    He must have noticed the missed call from her when she canceled the phone call.

    Lin Yiqian pondered as she picked up the call and placed the phone next to her ear. To avoid waking Xiaoyu up, she walked out of the room and stood by the door.

    "Why did you call me?" Gu Nianshen asked in the way which Lin Yiqian had expected.

    "It was an accident," Lin Yiqian answered in a matter-of-fact way.

    Right then, a nurse walked out of the room diagonally across from theirs. "Dr. Zhu, patient Number 25 started vomiting all of a sudden."

    One of the patients must have been in a dire situation as the nurse's face paled.

    Lin Yiqian began to feel equally nervous as she approached the door of the room across her.

    She had forgotten that she was still on a call with Gu Nianshen.

    "Are you in the hospital?" Gu Nianshen sounded a lot more nervous than before. Clearly, he must have heard the nurse a moment ago.

    Lin Yiqian tried to shift her attention back to their conversation.

    "Yeah... A friend had fallen sick," she answered, guiltily.

    Several nurses ran past Lin Yiqian into the room where the emergency situation had developed.

    Lin Yiqian felt nervous from just watching the whole thing unfold. Quickly, she turned around and began heading back into her room.

    "Chief Lin."

    Suddenly, a familiar voice could be heard from behind her. It was the same name he used to call her.

    Surprised, Lin Yiqian turned her head around to find Fang Heyang dressed in a patient gown with bandages around his head. He was smiling as he approached her.

    Without his glasses, he looked like a gangster.

    Lin Yiqian immediately thought that he was admitted into the hospital because he got involved in a fight.

    "Did you get involved in a gang fight?" Lin Yiqian asked as soon as Fang Heyang got close.

    "I'm a good citizen. Why would I possibly do that?" Fang Heyang frowned.

    As he spoke, he touched the part of his head which was injured. "Ouch... This happened accidentally while I was playing basketball."

    As his gaze unintentionally swept past Lin Yiqian's phone, he noticed that she was still on a phone call. "You haven't hung up yet," he reminded her in a lowered voice.

    'Damn.' Lin Yiqian had forgotten all about it.

    "I'm hanging up now... Sleep early," Lin Yiqian hurriedly spoke into the phone.

    She had added the latter part of her sentence as an afterthought.

    Before she even finished her sentence, she could already hear that Gu Nianshen had hung up.

    Lin Yiqian chuckled to herself as she looked down at her phone. Indeed, her concerns for him had been unnecessary.

    "Chief Lin, why are you here?" Fang Heyang spoke yet again.

    "My friend's son got injured. I'm here to look after him," Lin Yiqian answered with a smile as she raised her gaze.
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