237 Girl, This Is Exciting!

    Originally, Lin Yiqian was thinking about whether she should tell Fang Heyang about why he got laid off.

    However, sensing that Fang Heyang did not seem to really care, she decided not to bring it up.

    It was normal for a person like him to not be affected. With his family background, working was merely one of the optional experiences in life.

    "Why haven't you been to the flagship store?" Fang Heyang asked, suddenly.

    "How do you know that?" Lin Yiqian asked, confused.

    "I've been working at the flagship store as a salesperson for quite a few days now," Fang Heyang replied.

    As he spoke, he leaned proudly against the wall behind him.

    'Huh?' Lin Yiqian frowned in disbelief.

    "Have you really become a salesperson at our flagship store?"

    Why was she not informed about it?

    However, the recruiters would not have needed to inform her about who they hired. The store manager could have made the decision with her consent.

    How bored was he?

    "Have you noticed that the sales of your flagship store have increased significantly?" Fang Heyang asked proudly as he brushed his hair with one finger.

    This explained why the sales over the past two days had increased by four to five times.

    Lin Yiqian thought it was because of their successful endorsement campaign.

    Unsure of whether to laugh or cry, she tilted her head. "You have such a bright future. Why are you selling cosmetic products?"

    "What do you mean? My parents earn so little. They can't even support me financially." Fang Heyang complained.

    "Girl, don't listen to him. His grandmother had left him with two bungalows. They are worth billions now. Rent alone would have earned him hundreds of thousands each month." A familiar old man's voice could be heard to their left.

    Lin Yiqian turned her head in the direction of the voice subconsciously.

    Was this not the barber she had met before?

    Lin Yiqian looked curiously at the old man who was leaning against the door while he smiled at her.

    When he noticed that Lin Yiqian was staring at him, his smile widened. "Girl, this is exciting!"

    Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes.

    'Old man, you're too open-minded!' She thought to herself.

    By now, Lin Yiqian already figured out that this old man must have been Fang Heyang's grandfather.

    "Weren't you watching some videos?" Fang Heyang glared at the old man.

    "All of the videos you have downloaded for me are of old women dancing. What's the point in watching that? I want those with young girls."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless as she observed the interaction between the pair of grandfather and grandson.

    "Mommy," Lin Xiaoyu suddenly called out fearfully from inside the room.

    Panicked, Lin Yiqian immediately charged into the room without saying a word to Fang Heyang.

    Lin Xiaoyu was already sitting up in the bed. Lin Yiqian could see some blood flowing into the tube connected to his hand.

    'Darn it!' Lin Yiqian cursed at herself. She lifted Xiaoyu's wrist to make sure that the drip was still working before placing his hand down gently.

    "Chief Lin, this child..." Fang Heyang's voice came from behind her all of a sudden.

    Surprised, Lin Yiqian turned her head around to find him standing by the door. He was staring at Xiaoyu with a look of surprise on his face.

    Recalling that he had met Xiaoyu at the airport before, he must have recognized who the child was.

    Whilst Lin Yiqian thought about how she should reply to him, Lin Xiaoyu suddenly spoke. "Mommy, who is this big brother?"

    Surprised by how Xiaoyu addressed Lin Yiqian as his mother, Fang Heyang remained silent for a moment. "Chief Lin, have you accepted the child this soon?"

    Lin Yiqian was quiet.

    Was there a misunderstanding?
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