238 I Met Your Mother Too Late

    When Fang Heyang last bumped into Gu Nianshen with Xiaoyu, he had assumed that Xiaoyu was a child Gu Nianshen had with another woman.

    Since Lin Yiqian did not know how to explain herself, she decided to carry on with the misunderstanding.

    Naturally, Fang Heyang now believed that Lin Yiqian was Xiaoyu's stepmother.

    Lin Yiqian sighed as she tucked Xiaoyu under the covers. "Why don't you hurry up and help your grandfather out with downloading the videos?"

    "I'm extremely bored." Fang Heyang replied before walking casually to the couch and sitting down while his legs rested on the coffee table.

    Fang Heyang then raised his hands lazily before placing them behind his head in a classic bossy manner.

    There was a saying that time will reveal a person's true colors. Certainly, Lin Yiqian's first impression of Fang Heyang had changed.

    If Fang Heyang were to become an actor, he would definitely win over the hearts of many.

    "Big Brother, do you like my Mommy?" Lin Xiaoyu asked curiously. There was a defensive quality to his tone.

    Xiaoyu wondered if this man was here to take his Mommy away from his Daddy.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    This little fellow seemed to be much more experienced despite having only been away for a few days.

    In America, Lin Yiqian was always surrounded by men. Some neighbors would even introduce themselves enthusiastically. Each time, Lin Yiqian would simply bring Xiaoyu to meet them.

    Those who could not accept becoming a stepfather would choose to back away immediately. However, there were some men who did not mind and would still pursue her.

    Although Xiaoyu did not like any of them, he did not know how to express his feelings. Under such circumstances, Xiaoyu would directly hug Lin Yiqian's leg and pout at the men. In fact, he would even challenge them to compete in urinating and only allowed them to date his mother if they won.

    To Xiaoyu, his deceased father was the greatest hero. Therefore, he was adamant about it.

    However, apart from Gu Nianshen, there was no other man who existed in the world who would compete with a kid at such a childish game.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian would never stop them from competing as she intentionally wanted those men to back off on their own.

    Therefore, Gu Nianshen had become the only man whom Xiaoyu could accept as the perfect candidate to replace his father.

    It must have had something to do with their blood ties.

    While Lin Yiqian remained lost in her thoughts, Fang Heyang began to chat with Xiaoyu. "I feel that I have met your mother too late," Fang Heyang replied after much thought.

    Lin Yiqian glared at Fang Heyang in a threatening way.

    She wanted to end the conversation for fear that he might have a negative influence on Xiaoyu.

    "What do you mean?" Lin Xiaoyu asked with a serious look on his face.

    "It means that when I have become acquainted with your mother, she has already married your father. We knew each other far too late," Fang Heyang explained in simpler terms.

    "Oh." Xiaoyu nodded despite not fully understanding what Fang Heyang had meant.

    This was such a strange uncle. Xiaoyu could not understand a word he had said.


    Gu Nianshen stared at the phone in front of him on the desk. Meanwhile, there was an ashtray with several snuffed out cigarettes that were only smoked halfway through.

    As he thought of how Lin Yiqian had gone to meet another man in the middle of the night, Gu Nianshen felt a need to vent.

    Finally, the screen of his phone lit up. As soon as he saw who the call was from, he quickly picked it up.
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