240 As If I Have Stolen Mr. Gus Wife

    Fang Heyang was not at all intimidated by Gu Nianshen's strong aura. To Lin Yiqian, it appeared as if the two were magnificent beasts that had crossed each other's paths.

    She was amused by the look of hostility they had on their faces.

    "Mr. Gu, the way you're looking at me makes me feel guilty, almost as if I had stolen your wife away from you." Fang Heyang finally spoke after they had stared at each other for some time. Then, he shrugged nonchalantly.

    The way Fang Heyang behaved seemed provocative and made Gu Nianshen want to hit him.

    However, without moving his body, Gu Nianshen grinned before shifting his gaze to the bandage wrapped around Fang Heyang's head. "I'm here to check if you are sufficiently injured," Gu Nianshen replied, coldly, as his fists were clenched even tighter in his pockets.

    Lin Yiqian held her breath as she sensed Gu Nianshen's anger.

    He must have heard Fang Heyang's voice over the phone and misunderstood what was going on.

    Was he here to catch them red-handed?

    Lin Yiqian started chuckling as she thought of this.

    Her laughter caught Gu Nianshen's attention, causing him to shift his gaze unto her immediately.

    Noticing his gaze, Lin Yiqian intentionally looked away from him and faced Fang Heyang instead. "Fang Heyang, go back to your room and rest. How many days do you plan on skipping work?" Lin Yiqian asked with a frown.

    Lin Yiqian really did look like a boss.

    Fang Heyang grinned as he saluted Lin Yiqian. "Yes, ma'am. I will go to bed right away. Goodnight, Chief Lin."

    When Fang Heyang turned away, he even raised his brows playfully at Lin Yiqian.

    Seeing this, Gu Nianshen immediately felt enraged and grabbed Fang Heyang's arm with one hand.

    "Mommy, Mommy. Is Daddy here?" Xiaoyu's voice could suddenly be heard from inside the room.

    Gu Nianshen's cold expression instantly vanished as he dropped his other hand that was already balled into a fist.

    Meanwhile, Fang Heyang too dropped his guard whilst smiling at Gu Nianshen. "Mr. Gu, I think you should look after your child first. I'm sure we'll get the chance to face off in the future."

    By now, Gu Nianshen had already let go of Fang Heyang's arm.

    After Fang Heyang had finished his sentence, he returned to his room.

    "Mommy, is Daddy here to see me?" Lin Xiaoyu asked again in a panicked voice when nobody had responded to him.

    Lin Yiqian was speechless.

    On occasions where Lin Yiqian called Xiaoyu whilst he was watching cartoon shows, he would usually not respond to her. However, right then, he had immediately become aware of Gu Nianshen's presence just because he had spoken a single sentence.

    Lin Yiqian felt somewhat jealous.

    After ascertaining that it was indeed Lin Xiaoyu's voice, Gu Nianshen pointed at the room. "Is the little jerk inside?"

    "Yes." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    This was a huge misunderstanding.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian continued to ignore Xiaoyu as she tilted her head at Gu Nianshen who appeared increasingly embarrassed as time went on.

    It was priceless.

    "Oh," Gu Nianshen murmured.

    He then tucked his hands into his pockets before raising his chin slightly.

    Gu Nianshen was trying to cover up his embarrassment with his usual prideful demeanor. "Lin Yiqian, what are you doing here in the hospital in the middle of the night? Don't you know how complicated things can get here? If anything happens to you, how can I explain your family?" Gu Nianshen reprimanded as he looked at Lin Yiqian.

    With a frown on his troubled face, Gu Nianshen's facial expression had drastically changed from a satanic look to now being completely adorable.

    Lin Yiqian could not even bring herself to feel upset with him.
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