244 Can A Tortoise Fall Sick?

    As the child would belong to Gu Nianshen and Lin Yiqian, no other child could compare.

    However, as soon as Lin Yiqian heard the word "no", she immediately started tearing up. "Alright. I am about to get busy with work anyway." She turned around and pretended to laugh while she nodded.

    Perhaps Gu Nianshen had never even considered a future with her, let alone a child.

    "Instead of looking after your sorry excuse of a company, you might as well..." Gu Nianshen began to speak.

    'Come home and bear me children.' Gu Nianshen continued the sentence in his mind.

    However, when he noticed Lin Yiqian's nonchalant expression, he changed his sentence. "Close down the business and work as a cleaner in Mega." He was going all out in his insults against the Lin family.

    Lin Yiqian was very much used to Gu Nianshen's display of arrogance. Even when he made fun of Lin Tianwan for being poor, Lin Yiqian hardly cared. "I have sold myself for the position of CEO. How could I give up this easily?"

    Then, she leaned against the wall with a lazy posture.

    She seemed heartless.

    Gu Nianshen was given the impression that their marriage was a deal. Her family's company was the only thing she cared about.

    As he dropped the apple in his hand, he glanced at Lin Yiqian from the corner of his eyes. "I've wasted 300 million on you and you won't even eat or sleep with me."

    From the tone of his voice, Lin Yiqian could tell that he was annoyed.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    Obviously, Gu Nianshen was the one who did not want her to accompany him.

    "300 million is only the base price. If you want me to accompany you to meals and to sleep with you, you'll have to pay extra." Lin Yiqian snorted.

    When Gu Nianshen heard what she said, he did not reply and instead retrieved his phone from his pocket. As he logged into a money transfer application, Lin Yiqian could sense his angry emotion through each tap on the screen of his phone.

    Then, Lin Yiqian noticed that her phone lit up. She had received a payment of one million to her account.

    "When I decide not to be picky, remember to serve me well," Gu Nianshen said before turning around and walking away in a huff.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    How could he get upset so quickly?

    She frowned at Gu Nianshen as he walked away. Once he was out of sight, she shifted her gaze to her phone that was still displaying a notification of the fund transferred.


    On the following day, a lot of food was placed on the dining table. However, Gu Nianshen sat alone in the quiet dining hall.

    "Nianshen, did Little Yi not return home last night?" Aunt Zhou asked with curiosity when she noticed that the seat across from Gu Nianshen was empty.

    "She has adopted a tortoise recently and is currently looking after it in the hospital." Gu Nianshen snorted.

    He did not meet Aunt Zhou's gaze.

    "How could a tortoise fall sick?" Aunt Zhou seemed surprised.

    Was there a veterinarian who specifically treated tortoises?

    It appeared that the pace of society's development had outgrown Aunt Zhou's generation. This was the first time she heard of a doctor who treated tortoises.

    "Yeah." Gu Nianshen nodded.

    An annoying little tortoise was the cause of his huge embarrassment.

    Lin Yiqian must have thought of it as the joke of the century.

    As he thought of this, Gu Nianshen suddenly lost his appetite to eat. He dropped his fork on the table before walking away from the dining hall into the living room.


    "Chief Lin hasn't been to the office yet."

    It was already past nine o'clock in the morning. When Gu Nianshen called to check on Lin Yiqian at her office, he was informed that she had yet to arrive.

    When he called Aunt Zhou, he was also informed that she had not returned home.
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