245 You Have Two Days

    Could Lin Yiqian still be in the hospital?

    'Mr. Gu, I'll feel guilty if you keep looking at me that way. It's as if I have stolen your wife away from you...'

    'The darned bastard is still in the hospital!' Gu Nianshen thought of Fang Heyang immediately as his entire body became tense.

    He immediately picked up his phone to make a call.


    Worried that Xiaoyu might get a fever again, Lin Yiqian had stayed up all night. When the nurse on duty came to check on Xiaoyu in the morning, she told Lin Yiqian that everything seemed normal. Only then was Lin Yiqian able to relax.

    As Xiaoyu did not like the hospital, he immediately started making a fuss about leaving as soon as he heard that his fever had gone away.

    At the same time, Lin Yiqian felt that Xiaoyu should not stay in the hospital as her presence would bring about too much attention.

    Hence, she gave in and asked Bai Se to proceed with the discharge procedures.

    Since they were only in the hospital for one night, there was not much stuff to bring home. Lin Yiqian held Lin Xiaoyu's hand as they walked out of the room.

    Coincidentally, they bumped into Fang Heyang who was walking out from his room.

    He was still dressed in a patient's attire. As the bandage around his head had been replaced with a new one, there were no longer any bloodstains.

    Apart from that, he also seemed much more energetic than the day before.

    As soon as he saw Lin Yiqian, he leaned against the frame of the door and raised one hand to salute her. "Chief Lin, good morning."

    "Morning," Lin Yiqian replied, calmly.

    "Big Brother," Xiaoyu greeted him, excitedly.

    It sounded like music to Fang Heyang's ears.

    Meanwhile, Xiaoyu pulled away from Lin Yiqian before running toward Fang Heyang.

    "Call me 'Uncle'." Fang Heyang pointed at Xiaoyu with a gloomy expression on his face.

    "Uncle." Lin Xiaoyu said as he somewhat pulled away.

    "Good boy." Fang Heyang rubbed his hand against Xiaoyu's head. "You must listen to your new Mommy when you go home. Do you hear me?"

    'New Mommy...' Lin Yiqian thought to herself as she remained silent whilst looking at Fang Heyang.

    'Nevermind.' She thought. He probably did it out of kindness. Besides, the misunderstanding could have happened to anyone.

    "Alright. I will listen to whatever Mommy says. Uncle, will you tell me how to make tanks next time?" Lin Xiaoyu nodded, obediently.

    Xiaoyu sounded so adorable that even Fang Heyang, who was known to be a cool and heartless person, could not help but soften his gaze as he nodded. "Alright. Your Mommy is my boss. As long as she asks, I can tell you stories for as many days as you'd like."

    "Okay." Xiaoyu was overjoyed.

    If Mommy was this man's boss, Xiaoyu could get Mommy to order him around and make him tell Xiaoyu stories.

    As Xiaoyu thought about it, he returned to Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian held Xiaoyu's hand once again before they started walking. When they passed by Fang Heyang, Lin Yiqian paused as she looked at the bandage around his head. "It looks like you will need some time to recover. I'll ask the manager to find someone to take your place in the meantime."

    Fang Heyang immediately stood up straight and reached out to touch Lin Yiqian's arm. "Don't do that. Are you really willing to give up an excellent employee like me with both brain and brawn?"

    "How exciting!" An old man suddenly appeared from the room behind them.

    The old man was smiling from ear to ear as he looked at how Fang Heyang was holding Lin Yiqian's hand.

    If he were not an old man, Lin Yiqian would have slapped him in the face.

    "Grandpa, you really are open-minded!" Lin Yiqian exclaimed as she could no longer hold herself back.

    Then, she rolled her eyes while pulling her hand away from Fang Heyang. "You have two days. If you don't return by then, the store manager would have found someone to replace you."
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