246 The Kid Is Not Hers

    After finishing her sentence, Lin Yiqian pulled Xiaoyu along as they both headed for the exit.

    Once Lin Yiqian and Lin Xiaoyu had walked far away enough, the smile on the old man's face instantly faded away. Even if he was over seventy years old, his body still appeared strong.

    There was an aura of eminence about him, which set him apart from others. He seemed like a completely different person from when Lin Yiqian was around.

    "Young man, not only does this woman have a husband, she even has a child. Mind you, your father might whip you so hard that your skin will fall off." He warned, sternly.

    Although Lin Yiqian was fully out of sight, Fang Heyang was still looking in the direction where she had left.

    "The kid is not hers." Fang Heyang chuckled.

    He then turned around as he began walking into his room.

    "What do you mean? Are you taking this seriously?" His grandfather immediately became wary.

    "Have I ever been serious with anyone?" Fang Heyang rolled his eyes at the old man before he continued walking to his bed.

    As the robe he was wearing was very loose, the whip mark on one side of his shoulder could be seen very obviously.

    Fang Heyang's grandfather could not help but cringe at the sight of it.

    Generations of his family had worked diligently for the country. How did they end up with an offspring who did not stick by their rules?


    Bai Se drove a black Mercedes-Benz that came with a child safety seat. After placing Xiaoyu in the seat and buckling up his seatbelt, she sat next to him and was about to put on her own seatbelt.

    All of a sudden, her phone started ringing.

    It was a call from Manager Ma.

    Lin Yiqian gestured for Xiaoyu to remain silent as he hurriedly covered his mouth and nodded.

    "Hello, Manager Ma." Lin Yiqian answered the call as she placed the phone next to her ear.

    "Chief Lin, I have to go to Xin'an for a work-related meeting in the afternoon. There is a proposal that urgently requires your input. Are you coming into the office today?" Manager Ma asked with an urgent tone.

    As the operations in the company were still all over the place, meetings could be held at any time and there would always be a proposal that needed her attention.

    Without thinking any further, Lin Yiqian glanced at the little kid next to her. Originally, she had planned to spend the morning with him and have lunch with him before leaving.

    However, there was no way she could ignore her responsibilities within the company.

    "I... Will be there shortly." The corner of Lin Yiqian's mouth dropped as she made up her mind.

    Feeling guilty, she patted Xiaoyu's head, gently.

    "I will wait for you here in that case. My flight is at half-past eleven," Manager Ma replied.

    "Alright," Lin Yiqian answered before hanging up.

    Bai Se turned around to look at Lin Yiqian from the driver's seat while she pouted helplessly.

    Lin Yiqian had lost count of the number of times this had happened. Besides, Bai Se had already gotten used to it and fully understood her position.

    Bai Se nodded before he suddenly thought of something. "Remember to go to the recording studio in the afternoon."

    Lin Yiqian murmured an 'okay' before shifting her gaze to Xiaoyu. "Xiaoyu, be a good boy and listen to what Uncle Bai Se says, alright? Mommy has to go back to work now."

    She then rubbed Xiaoyu's face gently.

    A look of disappointment appeared on Xiaoyu's face after hearing what Lin Yiqian had said. However, he nodded his head obediently. "Mommy, go make a lot of money and buy a lot of nice food for Xiaoyu."

    Xiaoyu was a naive boy who did not have materialistic needs. A simple candy would keep him happy.

    If only each person could maintain such purity of mind. Lin Yiqian's only wish would be to marry Gu Nianshen and live happily ever after.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian could not help but pinch Xiaoyu's face. "Mommy will try to get Daddy to have a meal with you tomorrow."
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