247 Because She’s Worth I

    Perhaps Gu Nianshen might grow to like Xiaoyu.


    Despite having rushed over to the office, Lin Yiqian was not able to find Manager Ma in her office.

    Had he not promised to wait for Lin Yiqian in her office?

    Just as Lin Yiqian was about to make a call to Manager Ma, her secretary suddenly walked in after knocking on the door.

    "Where is Manager Ma?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    "Manager Ma has just left for the work trip. This is the document he has asked me to hand over to you." The secretary said as she placed the red file in front of Lin Yiqian.

    'Left?' Lin Yiqian wondered.

    He had mentioned that there was a proposal that urgently needed her input. Why had he left so hastily?

    Lin Yiqian fronwed as she looked at the time on her watch. It was still very early for the eleven o'clock flight.

    After complaining to herself in her mind, Lin Yiqian finally opened the file that the secretary had left on her desk.

    It was the bidding proposal for Henglong Plaza. After skimming through the proposal, she realized that not much had been modified since their last meeting.

    Had they not concurred on the final draft?

    When Manager Ma said she needed Lin Yiqian's input, he actually meant that he required her signature.

    As Lin Yiqian signed on the document, she felt somewhat annoyed. She could have been with Xiaoyu right then.

    However, since she was already at the office, there was no point in making her way back to Xiaoyu as she would still need to head to the recording studio in the afternoon. Since the recording works had started for the cartoon voice-over she was working on, she would have no choice but to return to the office later in the evening.

    By the time she arrived home that night, it was almost midnight. Although the living room was brightly lit, nobody was there.

    Lin Yiqian headed upstairs, straight into her room. Before closing the door to her room, she turned her head around to look at the room diagonally across from hers. The door to that room was tightly shut. She could not help but lean her head against the door frame.

    This was the first time she had stayed up this late after returning from overseas. It was also the first time she felt this exhausted.

    When she was overseas, this was a normal occurence. Whenever she felt tired or lazy, she would think of the young man who never seemed to pay any attention to her.

    'Gu Nianshen, do you know how hard I've worked just to be good enough for you?' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    Regardless of where or when, she would not let herself be lazy whenever she thought of him.

    After leaning against the door for a while, and having yawned several times, Lin Yiqian finally went into her room. She took a shower before laying down on her bed.

    When she next opened her eyes, it was already the morning of the next day.

    Her day went on as usual. In the morning, she went to work in the office and kept herself busy until she had to rush over to the recording studio.

    The recording studio was set up in a villa that Lin Yiqian had bought using Bai Se's credentials. The employees were also hired by Bai Se from overseas.

    They were all people whom Lin Yiqian had worked with for several years, which meant they had great chemistry.

    The recording went smoothly on both days. In particular, Lin Yiqian felt fully in the zone. Most of her lines were cleared in just one take.

    For an animated film, the voice-over was an essential part of the production. Therefore, the chief director of the film, Diqlo, had personally flown over to work with Lin Yiqian through her recordings.

    Once the recording session was over, Lin Yiqian removed her earphones and walked out of the recording studio. Diqlo greeted her with a huge smile on his face.

    "You are indeed the fantastic Catwoman. I think we could probably finish one week ahead of our schedule," Diqlo commended her generously. There was an element of awe and respect in his voice and the way he looked at her.

    Everyone in the industry knew that this was why the cost of hiring Catwoman was five to ten times more expensive than other recording artists. It was because she was worth the price.

    "Thank you." Lin Yiqian nodded at Diqlo with a smile.

    It was getting late. She had promised Xiaoyu that she would bring him out for dinner. After getting into her car, she would need to think about how to convince Gu Nianshen to join them.
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