253 Why Dont You Take A Closer Look?

    Was this not what Gu Nianshen cared about? He constantly reminded Lin Yiqian that she embarrassed the Gu family due to her behavior.

    Originally, Lin Yiqian had thought that Gu Nianshen would reply with a sarcastic remark to diss her. After all, he had always treated her that way.

    For the past few days, he had been unusually nicer to her perhaps because he had changed his mind about things.

    However, as soon as Gu Nianshen heard what she had to say, he began to frown.

    Could he have bought into her idea?

    "What do you want to do with 200 million?" Gu Nianshen suddenly asked.

    He was beginning to feel that the entire evening had been planned so that this fool could set him up. Was she in need of money?

    Gu Nianshen could not think of any other reason why she would bring up the issue of money.

    Lin Yiqian knew that Gu Nianshen would not succumb to her demand this easily.

    Therefore, she had already come up with a response in case he suspected anything. "I was only saying it out of spite. Another person's husband would have given her the money right away. I don't actually have the intention to take 200 million away from you."

    "Well, another person's wife would think of ways to please her husband each night. What about you?" He snorted.

    Lin Yiqian did not even sleep in the same bed with Gu Nianshen. Where did she find the courage to compare him to another person's husband?

    As Gu Nianshen had spoken a little too loudly, Lin Yiqian was worried that Xiaoyu might overhear them. "There's a kid around. What nonsense are you talking about?" She asked, scornfully.

    Hurriedly, Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to Xiaoyu. Realizing that he was very absorbed in playing on the slide, she relaxed.

    However, Gu Nianshen ignored her stern warning and purposely raised his voice. "If you can learn to behave like another person's wife, we can talk about the 200 million then."

    Then, Gu Nianshen immediately looked away from Lin Yiqian's face and started drinking from his glass.

    He would not waste this opportunity to bargain with Lin Yiqian after the effort she had put in to set this up.

    Initially, Gu Nianshen drank from his glass. After a while, he began drinking from the bottle directly.

    As his face turned red, he rested his head on the table in a lazy manner.

    He seemed so alluring that Lin Yiqian felt the urge to get closer as he fantasized about putting her arms around his neck and biting his lips.

    However, she also felt concerned that he might have had too much to drink.

    Slowly, Lin Yiqian extended a hand toward the man's face before gently drawing circles next to the corner of his eye.

    All of a sudden, Gu Nianshen's eyes widened. Lin Yiqian felt her hand tremble for a second before she quickly grabbed onto Gu Nianshen's eyelashes and tugged on them somewhat forcefully. "Gu Nianshen, you must have done something to your eyelashes. They look fake." She spoke before retrieving her hand as if nothing had happened.

    However, Gu Nianshen stopped her from doing so by grabbing her wrist with one hand and pulling her into him. "Why don't you take a closer look?"

    He lowered his head before pressing his lips against hers forcefully whilst placing one hand behind her head. With a gentle push from behind her head, their bodies pressed against each other even more tightly.

    As Xiaoyu was still in the room, Lin Yiqian threw glances at Gu Nianshen while she tried to push him away.

    "Didn't you ask for 200 million?" Gu Nianshen moved his lips slightly away as he raised his eyebrows and spoke in a hushed voice.

    He would give her anything she wanted, including his own life.

    Nobody knew what he had gone through the past five years. There was not a day that went by in which he wished to see Lin Yiqian standing right behind him when he turned his head around.

    The more he yearned for it, the more disappointment he felt.

    When Lin Yiqian was chatting with her friend a long time ago, Gu Nianshen overheard that she mentioned how men dressed in formal wear seemed charming when they occasionally smoked. He had learned to smoke because of that.

    When Lin Yiqian mentioned that boys who occasionally got drunk and flirted around seemed adorable, he had taught himself how to drink.
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