254 I Want You

    Gu Nianshen had learned to behave in every way that would have gotten Lin Yiqian's attention.

    However, Lin Yiqian still did not like him. Hence, this was the only way he could have her for himself. Gu Nianshen would rather trap Lin Yiqian by his side than to see her be with someone else.

    Gu Nianshen wanted to completely possess Lin Yiqian.

    His heavy breathing was accompanied by a strong alcoholic scent that made Lin Yiqian feel slightly overwhelmed. However, it was not repulsive to her.

    As Lin Yiqian looked into his eyes, she felt as if she could see a sky full of stars. At the same time, there was a certain sadness in them that made her heart jerk painfully. "Tell me. As long as you give me 200 million, I will do anything for you," she said, gently.

    Under the influence of alcohol, Gu Nianshen could feel as if Lin Yiqian's gentle voice course through his body. With his arms around her waist, he burrowed his face in her chest.

    The sound of her heart beating was almost like a lullaby that gradually caused his eyelids to drop until his eyes were completely shut.

    "I want you," he mumbled.

    All he wanted was Lin Yiqian and nothing else.

    Surprised, Lin Yiqian stared at him with her eyes wide open. She scratched his head with her chin softly as the smell of his hair filled her nostrils.

    This was the first time she had looked at him from above. His nose seemed extraordinarily pointy and his jaw appeared even more prominent than usual.

    Lin Yiqian could not help but raise her hands to touch his hair. However, as soon as she did so, she felt guilty and was prepared to drop her hands.

    However, when she noticed that Gu Nianshen's eyes were still shut and that he did not seem to have realized what she did, she mustered her courage to continue lowering her hands on his head.

    In the next instant, she had dug her hands into his full black hair and was slowly caressing his head through it.

    Meanwhile, she repeated his words in her mind. 'I want you.'

    "Gu Nianshen, I am Lin Yiqian." She was excited but nervous at the same time.

    'Do you still want me?'

    When Gu Nianshen heard her voice, he frowned slightly as if he was annoyed. Then, he gently rubbed his face against Lin Yiqian's chest.

    The soft sensation excited him as he tightened his arms around Lin Yiqian's waist.

    As Lin Yiqian's chin was feeling itchy from rubbing against Gu Nianshen's hair, she pressed down on his head with her chin as if to exact revenge.

    "Mommy, what's wrong with Daddy?" Lin Xiaoyu suddenly ran over to the two and asked in a naive tone. He then tilted his head to look at Gu Nianshen, curiously.

    Gu Nianshen's face seemed red as he rested his face against Lin Yiqian's chest. Xiaoyu wondered if Gu Nianshen was running a fever just as he had not too long ago.

    As Xiaoyu thought of this, he extended his plump fingers and carefully placed them on Gu Nianshen's forehead.

    Aware of Xiaoyu's concern, Lin Yiqian smiled as she spoke. "Daddy does not have a fever. He had a little too much to drink. Let's go home now, alright?"

    Hearing this, Xiaoyu put his hands away and looked eagerly at Lin Yiqian. "Can I go home with Daddy and Mommy and sleep with you?" He asked, carefully.

    Lin Yiqian felt compelled not to reject him.

    "Yes..." She nodded after a long while before lowering her gaze to look at the man in front of her. Based on his state of drunkenness, it would not be too difficult to explain why Xiaoyu was with them in the morning.

    Since she could not take care of both of them at the same time, she would have no choice but to bring the little kid back home.

    When Xiaoyu realized that he could sleep with Daddy and Mommy, he became very excited.

    When they reached home, Lin Yiqian brought Gu Nianshen to his room with the housekeeper's help.

    After Gu Nianshen had been tossed onto the bed, Xiaoyu dived under the covers immediately. He could not wait to fall sleep with Daddy and Mommy.
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