256 When Did You Get Injured?

    Lin Yiqian could gradually see the well-defined chest of the man standing right in front of her.

    Her heart began to beat faster as her face became flushed with redness.

    Afraid of meeting his gaze, she lowered her head.

    Once she reached the last button on his shirt, she could see his entire chest and even his abs. Just as she was about to pull her hands away, Gu Nianshen grabbed them with both of his hands.

    "Take it off," Gu Nianshen commanded as he forcefully placed Lin Yiqian's hands around his waist.

    When Lin Yiqian's hands touched Gu Nianshen's lower abs, she could feel his firm muscles. Her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

    Before she could even process it in her mind, she began to unbuckle the belt around his waist.


    "Should... Should I take it off too?" Lin Yiqian raised her head to look at Gu Nianshen with her reddened face.

    If he persisted, she would not hold back any longer.

    "Have you lost the ability to comprehend your mother tongue after having lived abroad for a few years?" Gu Nianshen asked sarcastically with a frown.

    As Lin Yiqian heard this, she was overcome with an intense emotion. Without hesitating, she reached for the zips on his pants and pulled it down before letting go completely so that his pants could drop to the ground.

    Lin Yiqian looked down and gasped in surprise. There was a scar the size of her palm below Gu Nianshen's right hip. As she placed her hand over it, she could feel the uneven surface.

    It looked like a scar from a severe burn. Otherwise, it would not have left behind such a huge scar.

    Gu Nianshen felt as if he were electrocuted by Lin Yiqian's gentle and warm touch as his entire body froze.

    With a deep inhale, he reached for one of Lin Yiqian's wrist and pulled her hand away from the scar. He then tugged at his shirt to cover the spot up.

    His action compelled Lin Yiqian to think that he was uncomfortable with her looking at the scar.

    However, she would remember how the scar looked for the rest of her life. "When did you get injured?"

    "After you left," Gu Nianshen suddenly replied, coldly, before turning around and walking into the shower with his shirt still on.

    The gushing water fell on his body from head to toe as he closed his eyes and held his breath for a long time.

    When he opened his eyes again, he turned around to look at Lin Yiqian. Despite the trickling water from his head and over his face, Lin Yiqian could see that his eyes had turned red from crying.

    "Nianshen..." Lin Yiqian cried out gently.

    Could the injury have happened when Xi Xia rescued him? What had happened, exactly?

    'Nianshen...' Lin Yiqian thought to herself. Nianshen had never suffered anything like that in his life. It must have hurt a lot.

    All of a sudden, Lin Yiqian felt that her vision had blurred.

    She immediately charged into the shower and hugged the man's waist.

    Standing on her toes, Lin Yiqian pressed her lips against his.

    For a drunk and jealous man, her action of throwing herself into his embrace was a temptation he could not resist.

    Gu Nianshen could feel his entire body heat up as his hands circled around Lin Yiqian's waist.

    With water splashing against their bodies, they were both thoroughly drenched.

    A moment later, Gu Nianshen placed his hands below Lin Yiqian's waist and pulled her off of the ground.

    To keep her balance, Lin Yiqian folded her legs around Gu Nianshen's waist while her hands circled behind his neck.

    As her shirt was soaked, the curvatures of Lin Yiqian's body had become fully visible. Gu Nianshen's breathing had turned shallow as he burrowed his head into Lin Yiqian's chest.

    The two were panting heavily.


    When Lin Yiqian walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her body, she could see that Lin Xiaoyu had already fallen asleep on the bed. There were sauce stains around his lips from dinner earlier. Lin Yiqian had a guilty look in her eyes.
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