258 One Morning, Our CEO Was In A Very Good Mood

    Did the fellow really just give her two hundred million?

    Could these cheques be fake?

    As soon as Lin Yiqian accepted the cheques, she held them up against the light to examine their validity.

    When Qi Shaodong saw what Lin Yiqian was doing, his mouth twitched.

    If his proud CEO saw that his wife doubted the authenticity of his cheques, he would surely be enraged.

    Once Lin Yiqian ascertained that the cheques were real, she turned around and nodded at Qi Shaodong with a smile. "Sorry for the trouble."

    Lin Yiqian still felt surreal about Gu Nianshen giving her two hundred million that easily.

    "It's my job." Qi Shaodong nodded as he prepared to leave. However, as if he had suddenly thought of something, he turned around to look at Lin Yiqian.

    "Is there something else?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

    "Mrs. Gu, can I trouble you with something?" Qi Shaodong hurriedly replied.

    "Could you ask Mr. Gu why he has blocked me on WeChat?" Qi Shaodong asked.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    A boss had actually blocked his assistant on WeChat.

    Qi Shaodong must have done something on WeChat that annoyed Gu Nianshen.

    "Did you ever send him any health-related links or advertisement links?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    Based on Gu Nianshen's personality, he would probably ignore those kinds of links. He definitely would not block someone because of that as it was too much of a trouble for him.

    Therefore, Qi Shaodong must have done something to make him upset.

    "Apart from work, I have never sent him anything. For fear of annoying him, I have even hidden my posts from him." Qi Shaodong shook his head.

    Why would Qi Shaodong have the guts to send Gu Nianshen any of those links?

    Usually, kids would block their parents for sending that kind of stuff to them. As an employee, Qi Shaodong knew better than to commit such an offense.

    "You hid your posts from him?" Lin Yiqian highlighted.

    This fellow had actually hidden his posts from his boss.

    If she were his boss and she found out that he had hidden his posts from her, she would definitely suspect that he gossiped about her or the company behind her back.

    However, Gu Nianshen should not have noticed something as minor as this.

    It was strange enough for Gu Nianshen to even post on WeChat. The likelihood of him checking out another person's posts was next to zero.

    Unless, of course, Qi Shaodong had posted something related to Gu Nianshen.

    "That's right. I would frequently post things about daily life. I was worried that he might feel annoyed. That's why I have hidden the posts from him." Qi Shaodong nodded.

    "Could he have found out about it?" Qi Shaodong added in a worried tone.

    'That's impossible. My boss is such an arrogant person. Why would he care about his employee's WeChat postings?' Qi Shaodong wondered.

    Qi Shaodong suspected that Gu Nianshen probably only ever looked at his wife's status updates.

    Lin Yiqian did not address Qi Shaodong's question directly. "In that case, have you ever posted anything about work or about him? Perhaps another employee had seen it and reported it to him." She asked.

    "I have never posted anything about him..." Qi Shaodong shook his head. However, before he finished his sentence, he suddenly stopped himself. "Wait a second. I think there was once when he came into the office looking extraordinarily happy. I have published a post commenting on his good mood."
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