259 Catwoman Has Actually Sent Someone Over With One Million Dollars

    Even so, Qi Shaodong had meant it as a compliment.

    'Eh? In a good mood?' Lin Yiqian raised her head. "Why was he in a good mood?"

    "I have no idea. I recall that it was last Thursday morning. The CEO has never been in such a good mood. He had actually greeted everyone with a smile and even kept cool during meetings throughout the day," Qi Shaodong answered.

    The only time Qi Shaodong could recall posting anything about his boss was when they went out together. On those occasions, Qi Shaodong would only write about the weather and how he felt.

    'Last Thursday morning...' Lin Yiqian rested an arm against the desk as she pondered.

    Was it not the day after he came home drunk in the middle of the night, and the day after they had a rough night in bed?

    Was he in a good mood the morning after?

    However, Lin Yiqian did not recall him being in a good mood when he left the house. He looked very cool, almost as if he had forgotten what they had done in bed the night before.

    Lin Yiqian felt a chill in her heart as she recalled the incident.

    Gu Nianshen was the only person who could forget about sleeping with someone after getting drunk.

    Fortunately, Lin Yiqian was his wife. What if he had slept with other women? Would he simply claim that it had never happened just because he had forgotten about it?

    Lin Yiqian felt that she should have asked for more. As she picked up the cheques in her hand, she made a mental note that she would ask for one billion next time.

    As she gritted her teeth, she placed the cheques on the table and continued to ponder why Gu Nianshen was in such a good mood last Thursday morning.

    Could something have happened on his way to work that had made him happy?

    Meanwhile, Qi Shaodong continued to observe Lin Yiqian and figured that she had probably forgotten about his question a long time ago.

    "I should return to the office now. The CEO is going to the capital in the afternoon. I have to go with him," Qi Shaodong finally said.

    "How long will he be there for?" Lin Yiqian asked, nonchalantly.

    "There is a deal with the capital government. We have to form a proposal in the meetings with them. I'm not sure how many days we'll be there," Qi Shaodong answered.

    "Got it." Lin Yiqian nodded as she shifted her attention to the two cheques.


    Why would they care about Qi Shaodong's silly problems?

    Assistant Qi bid farewell to Lin Yiqian with a heavy heart.

    Once he was out of the office, Lin Yiqian immediately picked up her phone and made a call to Bai Se.

    "I've got a hundred million with me. Gu Nianshen is going to the capital this afternoon. Get someone to deliver the cheque before he leaves."

    "It seems that he treats you really well. He would give you money just because you asked." Bai Se chuckled in a teasing manner.

    'Is that so...?' Lin Yiqian asked in her mind. She then smiled as she looked at the cheques in her hand.

    It appeared that Gu Nianshen had become much more generous. He had actually given her two hundred million dollars just for sleeping with him.

    Perhaps, as Gu Nianjia had said, Gu Nianshen was attracted by Lin Yiqian's physical appearance.

    Should she try to make more money while he was still interested in her body?

    If she did so, she would be able to spend more time with Xiaoyu by accepting fewer job offers.


    A middle-aged man dressed in a gray suit knocked on the door before entering Gu Nianshen's office.

    This was the Gu family's most capable lawyer, He Zhengqi.

    Gu Nianshen placed his work on the desk. Once He Zhengqi was close enough, Gu Nianshen raised his brows. "Did they agree to pay a hundred million?"

    "Yes, Catwoman has personally sent her company's lawyer over with a cheque worth one hundred million." The middle-aged man nodded.

    Hearing this, a faint look of disappointment appeared on Gu Nianshen's face.
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