261 As Long As I Am Mrs. Gu

    Gu Nianshen felt confused.

    He was the one who had bought Lin Yiqian those purses. Why would she thank the dimwit who only knew how to sing?

    "Did you just get home?" Gu Nianshen changed the topic.


    After chatting with Lin Yiqian for a while, he no longer felt sleepy. He now sat up against the bed frame as he turned on the lamps next to him.

    In the brightly lit room, he continued to speak to Lin Yiqian on the phone while he reached for his laptop next to his bed.

    As the screen lit up, he could see a picture of the girl on the screen. A warm smile appeared on his face.

    Using his thumb, he gently caressed the face of the girl in the picture on his laptop screen.

    'Dummy, do you miss me?' Gu Nianshen wondered as he softly tapped the girl in the picture on her forehead.

    He loved her very much.

    When Lin Yiqian realized that Gu Nianshen was silent for a long time, she thought he had fallen asleep. "Gu Nianshen, are you asleep?"

    As she was speaking very softly and carefully, her voice sounded very tender and soothing.

    "No," Gu Nianshen hurriedly replied for fear that she might hang up.

    Although they had only been on the call for less than two minutes, Lin Yiqian felt her heart filling up with joy.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian smiled.

    They both remained silent for some time.

    Realizing that Gu Nianshen had been on the go the entire day, she thought that he must be very exhausted.

    "Continue sleeping. I will take a shower and sleep as well," Lin Yiqian said, reluctantly.

    As soon as she mentioned going to bed, she began yawning.

    "You work over ten hours each day and yet can't afford to buy a purse. You embarrass me," Gu Nianshen remarked sarcastically when he heard her yawning.

    Lin Yiqian was used to his sarcasm.

    "As long as I am Mrs. Gu, there won't be any embarrassment," she claimed proudly.

    Her identity as Gu Nianshen's wife was like a brand of its own. Anybody would admire her for that.

    As soon as she finished her sentence, she hung up and got up to take a shower.


    'As long as I am Mrs. Gu, there won't be any embarrassment...' Gu Nianshen repeated the sentence in his head.

    He could not stop thinking about what she had said although she had only casually mentioned.

    Gu Nianshen wished that he could fly home to her immediately so that they could continue their intimate interactions from the night before.

    The more he thought about it, the stronger the urge became.

    He picked up his phone yet again to send his assistant a text message. "Try to arrange all meetings to fit in one day, that is for tomorrow."

    If Lin Yiqian was not in the same city as he was, he did not want to stay there for too long.


    In the morning, Lin Yiqian kept herself busy in the office.

    She barely had time to take a sip of water. When she finally found an opportunity to pick up her mug of coffee, somebody knocked on the door to her office.

    It was the manager of the 'Marketing' department, a young employee whom Lin Yiqian hired right after she had taken over the company.

    Lin Yiqian emptied the content of the mug before placing the mug down on the table.

    The marketing manager approached Lin Yiqian with a concerned expression on his face. "There's been a sudden change in circumstances at Yanbei Square. Somebody wants to compete with us."

    Lin Yiqian frowned slightly when she heard what he said. "Who's our competitor?"

    Yanbei Square was a shopping mall that would soon be opened. It was located at the busiest spot in the city. Every city within the country would have one.

    In fact, it was one of the most visited brands of shopping malls in each city in the country.

    Only top-notch brands would be able to operate stores within such a renowned shopping mall. However, there were several lesser-known brands that had been trying to compete for operating permits in the mall.
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