263 Why Arent You Home Yet?

    After the message was sent, Lin Yiqian suddenly became aware of what she had done.

    She no longer hesitated when sending messages to Gu Nianshen. She did not even bother checking for mistakes.

    As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she started reading through the text that she had sent. If there was anything wrong with the message, she would delete it immediately.

    However, Gu Nianshen had already read it and replied to it. "I was never fat."

    "What's up?" He added.

    Lin Yiqian could immediately picture the man's annoyed expression as he frowned at her.

    "I just wanted to know. Is that too much to ask?" Lin Yiqian replied in a huff. After all, they could not see each other's facial expressions.

    'If you dare, come home now!' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    Surprisingly, Gu Nianshen did not continue to question her. "Why aren't you home yet? It's late." He had changed the topic.

    Huh? How did he know that she had not returned home yet?

    Could he be back already?

    "How do you know that I've not returned home?" Lin Yiqian asked excitedly.

    Perhaps he had called home to ask Aunt Zhou.

    She felt disappointed yet again when he replied. "Aunt Zhou called me."

    Just as Lin Yiqian thought, it was Aunt Zhou.

    Her eyes drooped as she replied to Gu Nianshen. "I'm eating outside."

    Gu Nianshen did not reply to her message even after a long time had passed.

    He must have been busy. Lin Yiqian decided not to text him again.

    By the time she recollected her thoughts, she realized that Lin Xiaoyu had finished an entire plate of stir-fried noodles and two chicken wings all on his own.


    Lin Yiqian had always made sure Xiaoyu was well-fed. Why did he eat so much every time?

    She retrieved two wet tissues from her purse to wipe the food stains off of Xiaoyu's face.

    'I have to control his diet. Although he has inherited good genes, this can't go on. Gu Nianshen already dislikes him. If he becomes overweight, Gu Nianshen might dislike him even more.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Once Xiaoyu's mouth and hands were cleaned, he suddenly picked up a few pieces of leftover watermelon rinds and passed them to Lin Yiqian. "Mommy, I'm full. I've left some food for you."

    "What?" Lin Yiqian was stunned as she looked at the watermelon rinds.

    At a closer look, she could see there were still bits of red flesh on them.

    Was this what Xiaoyu meant by the food he left for her?

    Indeed, Xiaoyu began pointing at the red parts of the leftover watermelon. "I've left some watermelon for you, Mommy."

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    Those were clearly the rinds of the watermelon. There was barely any flesh left.

    Lin Yiqian accepted the piece of watermelon rind that Xiaoyu had handed to her. She took a bite out of it before placing it on an empty plate.

    "Let's go." She rolled her eyes at Lin Xiaoyu.

    Bai Se was already waiting by the door. He was dressed in a hip-hop-inspired outfit with a cap over his head, which gave off a mysterious vibe.

    When he saw Lin Yiqian and Xiaoyu walking out of the restaurant, he approached them.

    Without conversing with Lin Yiqian, he picked Xiaoyu up and began walking to their car.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian waved goodbye at Xiaoyu who leaned over Bai Se's shoulder before she headed for her car.

    They were at Shanghai's most popular venue for supper. As it was not the time for supper for most people, there were only a few cars parked in the huge parking lot.

    Lin Yiqian's car was parked near the entrance. She unlocked it when she got closer to it.

    As she did so, she began to walk to the driver's side of the car.
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