265 She Wanted To Have Him More Than Anything In the World

    It had been a long time since Lin Yiqian last saw Gu Nianshen in a basketball match.

    The last time she did was when he played in the friendly match with juniors from the first and second year.

    On that day, the audience had filled the seats in the hall. Lin Yiqian could hear countless girls cheering for him during the match.

    Meanwhile, she sulked on her seat in the corner of the hall.

    Although Lin Yiqian had a one-sided crush on Gu Nianshen like every other girl, she could not help but feel jealous.

    There were many times when she thought of walking onto the court and dragging Gu Nianshen away. She wanted to keep him all for herself.

    Perhaps, it was because of his unusually clean jersey that day. It could also have been the pose he had made when he made the shot.

    Lin Yiqian's jealousy could also have been triggered by the fact that Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia had walked side by side and gotten into the same car after the basketball match.

    Lin Yiqian had lost her mother. On top of that, the affection from her aunt was only an illusion. Her father had betrayed her mother. Lin Yiqian was left with nothing.

    The only thing she had left was her feelings for Gu Nianshen.

    That was the day she wished to have him all for herself.

    Ever since then, Lin Yiqian had developed an unhealthy obsession with Gu Nianshen. She had always viewed herself as the third wheel as far as Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia were concerned.

    Lin Yiqian dropped her head without replying to Xiao Susu.

    "Get out of the way." Lin Yiqian glared at Zhang Chao who stood in front of her.

    This was the attitude with which Lin Yiqian treated any guy who had chased after her. They were all used to it. Therefore, Zhang Chao was not greatly affected by Lin Yiqian's behavior. "You were the prettiest girl in school admired by many. Since Gu Nianshen already has somebody else on his mind, I won't mind that you were married to him before." Zhang Chao smirked as he reached toward Lin Yiqian's chin.

    Zhang Chao was not holding back at all as he flirted with Lin Yiqian.


    Lin Yiqian slapped Zhang Chao's hand away before lifting her gaze and smiling devilishly. "Do you know what I think of when I see your face?"

    "What do you think of?" Zhang Chao asked, instinctively.

    "I think of vomiting." Lin Yiqian glared at Zhang Chao and kicked his knee before he could react.

    She then grabbed him by the arm and pushed him away. Swiftly, she opened the door to her car and hopped in.

    Without even putting her seatbelt on, she turned the engine on.

    Although Zhang Chao intended to open the door to the driver's side, he pulled his hand away in fear when the engine was turned on.


    The car had reversed out of the parking space almost instantly.

    Zhang Chao's gaze followed after Lin Yiqian's moving car until it had completely disappeared out of sight. Only then did he slowly shift his gaze away.

    "After all these years, she's still so breathtakingly beautiful." He shook his head.

    "I don't understand men like you. Why do you still think so highly of her? She's slept with so many men already." Xiao Susu snorted.

    She was evidently jealous of Lin Yiqian.

    In fact, there was not a girl in the same year as Lin Yiqian in high school who did not feel jealous of her.

    "If only you were as beautiful as she was. I would adore you and treat you like my most prized treasure." Zhang Chao teased.

    In other words, Zhang Chao was stating that Xiao Susu was not good enough for him as she could not measure up to Lin Yiqian's standards.

    Although it was true, nobody liked being compared in such a way. "Be careful now. You are messing with Gu Nianshen's wife. Aren't you worried that he might take revenge on you? If you were as good as he was, you would have won over Lin Yiqian's heart a long time ago." Xiao Susu retorted.

    "Do you think I'm afraid of him?" Zhang Chao was not having any of it.

    "I have been wanting to mess with him since high school. Messing with his wife is not even a big deal." He snorted.
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