266 Little Yi Might Have Cried

    Xiao Susu rolled her eyes at Zhang Chao. "You would need to have what it takes to sleep with his wife."

    Then, Xiao Susu pulled Qiu Guoqing along as she walked away.

    "Just you wait. I will sleep with Gu Nianshen's wife. In fact, I will sleep with her at least a hundred times!" Zhang Chao yelled from behind them.

    He sounded extremely confident.


    On the way home, tears glistened in Lin Yiqian's eyes as she stared straight ahead while she drove.

    When she finally arrived home, she turned off the engine and put her head against the steering wheel. She could not stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

    "She's home. She's home," Aunt Zhou's voice could be heard.

    All of a sudden, Lin Yiqian no longer felt sleepy. As she sat upright and hurriedly wiped the tears away from her face.

    Aunt Zhou was holding the phone as she stood next to Lin Yiqian's car. When Lin Yiqian got out of the car, she immediately started walking into the house.

    "Little Yi, you're home. Nianshen has called you several times but you have not picked up." Aunt Zhou followed after Lin Yiqian.

    "When have I called her several times?" Gu Nianshen fumed when she overheard what Aunt Zhou said.

    Sensing that something was amiss with Lin Yiqian, Aunt Zhou ignored Gu Nianshen as she approached Lin Yiqian. "Little Yi, is something wrong?"

    Lin Yiqian waved her hand dismissively without turning around to look at Aunt Zhou as she walked through the front door.

    After changing into her house slippers, she went upstairs directly.

    "What happened?" Gu Nianshen asked, nervously.

    "I think Little Yi was crying," Aunt Zhou replied.

    "Why was she crying? Where has she gone?" Gu Nianshen asked with a panic-stricken voice.

    Before Aunt Zhou could reply to him, he hung up.

    Lin Yiqian entered Gu Nianshen's room and laid down on the bed as she stared at the ceiling.

    Her phone did not stop ringing in her purse.

    She ignored it.

    Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. She recalled that she had not locked the door when she walked in.

    After knocking on the door for some time, Aunt Zhou decided to barge in anyway. She immediately noticed Lin Yiqian lying on the bed.

    "Little Yi, it's a call from Nianshen." Aunt Zhou approached Lin Yiqian with a phone in her hand.

    She then placed the phone next to Lin Yiqian's ear. "Nianshen, I have placed the phone next to Little Yi. I'm going out now."

    "Lin Yiqian?" Gu Nianshen's voice could be heard.

    It was such a gentle sound. Lin Yiqian trembled when she heard it.

    She flipped around on the bed before looking at the phone and mumbling a reply.

    She sounded exhausted.

    "Are you tired?" Gu Nianshen asked.


    "Go to bed then," Gu Nianshen said, gently.


    Lin Yiqian continued to stare at the screen after answering Gu Nianshen.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen remained silent despite not having hung up. Therefore, his name was still on the phone's screen in front of Lin Yiqian.

    Lin Yiqian stared at the name she had dreamed about for years until her eyes finally closed from exhaustion.

    By the time she woke up, the sky had already turned bright. After yawning, she picked up her phone to check the time.

    As she flipped around, she suddenly noticed a man lying on the bed next to her. He was still dressed in formal wear and his eyes were still closed as he was still asleep.

    Surprised, Lin Yiqian blinked several times at the man who lay next to her. She reached out toward the man.

    "What are you trying to do?" Gu Nianshen suddenly opened his eyes.

    As he turned his head around, he frowned slightly as he looked at the girl who looked surprised next to him.
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