268 Because She Likes I

    "Why do you sound so upset this early in the morning. Did I interrupt you while you were having sex?" Li Nanmu pouted.

    'If you have thought of that, why didn't you stop calling?' Gu Nianshen wondered to himself.

    "Speak." Gu Nianshen fumed.

    As Li Nanmu had no idea what he had done, he began to change the topic to something more serious. "We are collecting sizes for the jerseys. Some of the fellows have even made orders for matching jerseys for their girlfriends. Would you like a set of matching couple jerseys too?"

    As soon as Gu Nianshen heard the word 'couple', he replied to Li Nanmu without any hesitation. "S size."

    "Is that for Lin Yiqian?" Li Nanmu asked.

    "Could it be yours?" Gu Nianshen snapped angrily.

    Li Nanmu could not bear it anymore. "You don't even know if she would come. What if you're the only person who thinks that she might?" He dissed.

    "If she doesn't go, you can cancel the competition. Or you can swap someone else in," Gu Nianshen said.

    He sounded so serious that Li Nanmu could not tell if he was joking. "Stop kidding around."

    "Hehe!" Gu Nianshen chuckled. "I haven't played in a basketball match for five years."

    Without waiting for Li Nanmu to reply, Gu Nianshen immediately hung up.

    As he took two steps forward, he looked into the mirror in front of the basin. While his lower body was still clothed, his upper body was bare and fully visible in the mirror.

    A smile began to form on his face.

    'Gu Nianshen, why do you like playing basketball?'

    'Because she likes to watch basketball matches.'


    In a first-class boutique apartment in Beijing's financial hub, the windows extended from the ceiling to the ground. After hanging up, Li Nanmu sat next to the window in a cross-legged manner.

    When Qi Wuyue walked out of his room, he seemed to be all dressed-up. He was holding a mug of hand-brewed coffee.

    "What are you doing?" He approached Li Nanmu and looked down at him.

    "What do you think is wrong with Gu Nianshen?" Li Nanmu looked up at Qi Wuyue with a confused expression on his face.

    Qi Wuyue reached for a white chair next to Li Nanmu and dragged it over with one hand before sitting on it.

    Elegantly, Qi Wuyue rested one leg on top of the other while he gently stirred his coffee.

    "What's the matter?" He asked.

    "I feel that Nianshen might have fallen for Lin Yiqian," Li Nanmu replied.

    As there was a white woolen carpet below Li Nanmu, and he was wearing a white t-shirt, he seemed much paler in contrast.

    As soon as Li Nanmu woke up, he was pestered by Qi Wuyue to call Gu Nianshen. Therefore, he was still feeling a little sleepy now.

    Slowly, he began to lie down on the carpet.

    Annoyed by Li Nanmu's lazy attitude, Qi Wuyue kicked the foot Li Nanmu had accidentally over-extended away from him. "It's not surprising that he would fall for Lin Yiqian since she is so beautiful. However, it's just unlike his usual cool demeanor."

    After finishing his sentence, Qi Wuyue began to take small sips from his coffee.

    "No. I don't think you understood me right!" Li Nanmu retorted.

    Sitting upright, Li Nanmu looked at Qi Wuyue, solemnly. "What I meant was, don't you think that Nianshen has fallen for Lin Yiqian a little too quickly?"

    How could he have fallen in love with her in just one month after marrying her?

    It was very much unlike the Gu Nianshen he knew.

    "He's an old virgin. It probably only took him two days to fall for her." Qi Wuyue did not think that anything was amiss.

    "What about Xi Xia?" Li Nanmu asked.
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