269 Her Entire Body Feels Weak

    Qi Wuyue chuckled. "Nobody knows for sure. Xi Xia was meant to suffer in this relationship anyway. Even if Nianshen and Lin Yiqian divorced in the future, there is no way he would marry Xi Xia. He's far too responsible to do that."

    "Indeed, he is very responsible. If he hadn't decided to abstain from sex until he was married, Grandfather Gu would not have been able to get his way." Li Nanmu snorted.

    After finishing his sentence, Li Nanmu lifted his gaze to find Qi Wuyue staring at his chest.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" Li Nanmu asked with a frown.

    "You are wearing my damn T-shirt."

    Qi Wuyue's attention shifted to the T-shirt Li Nanmu was wearing. When Qi Wuyue realized that the shirt belonged to him, he became enraged.

    As he put down the coffee in his hands, Qi Wuyue stood up and grabbed Li Nanmu by his arm. After pulling Li Nanmu up, he suddenly pushed him back.

    Li Nanmu stumbled backward and fell against the window behind him. When he turned around, he immediately saw from the window that they were forty-five floors above the ground as his legs began to shiver.

    Although it was unlikely that he could break the window with such a gentle force, he was still frightened by the possibility of falling from the great height if it were to happen, especially when he heard the sound of his body colliding against the glass.

    "Qi Wuyue, what is wrong with you? How was I supposed to know that this shirt belonged to you? It's my size. Besides, this is my home." Li Nanmu turned around and scowled at Qi Wuyue.

    'Oh, right. This is his house.' Qi Wuyue thought to himself.

    As the realization hit Li Nanmu, he began to speak with more confidence. "You always stay at my place when you visit Beijing for your shenanigans with other women. What's so terrible about me wearing your shirt?"

    It should be more than fine!

    Qi Wuyue glared at Li Nanmu. "Do you think I'm like you? All you know is how to sleep with women. I'm here for business."

    Wrinkles had appeared on Qi Wuyue's shirt due to the physical contact between him and Li Nanmu.

    After glaring at Li Nanmu for a while, he began to straighten the wrinkles on his shirt slowly and carefully.

    "Yeah, as if. I don't believe you are here for business at all." Li Nanmu snorted in disbelief.

    The two had grown up together. Li Nanmu knew Qi Wuyue far too well to be fooled.

    Meanwhile, Qi Wuyue was absorbed in making sure that the tiniest wrinkle on his shirt could not be seen.

    However, he was still frowning despite how insignificant the remaining wrinkles were.

    Li Nanmu suddenly recalled that Qi Wuyue had an unhealthy obsession with cleanliness, so much so that he could have been diagnosed as having an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    "Who would want to wear your shirt? I won't take it even if you give it to me as a gift." Li Nanmu hurriedly removed the shirt he was wearing and tossed it to Qi Wuyue. He then walked past Qi Wuyue proudly toward his room to get another shirt.

    Qi Wuyue looked at the shirt in his hands before turning to face Li Nanmu who had already reached the door to his room.

    From the back, Li Nanmu seemed unusually scrawny.

    "How could he possibly contribute to our competition?" Qi Wuyue snorted.

    Anyway, Li Nanmu had always just been there to make up the number.


    Lin Yiqian could hear a man's footsteps getting softer and more distant.

    Only when she heard the sound of a door being opened and closed did she open her eyes and turn her head around slowly. Gu Nianshen had finally left.

    Sighing in relief, she pressed against the bed to lift herself up.

    Although she had already rested for a long while, her body still felt weak.

    There were also drops of sweat on her body, which made her feel very uncomfortable. After wrapping the duvet around her body, which was cool to the touch, her feet touched the ground as she began walking to the bathroom.
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