270 Embarrassment From A Moment Of Pleasure

    After taking a quick shower, Lin Yiqian realized she did not have any clothes in this room. She had moved all her belongings to another room a few days ago.

    Therefore, she had to wear Gu Nianshen's large bathrobe to get to her room for her own clothes.

    On top of the clothes she had bought, there were also those Gu Nianshen had bought for her. Her entire wardrobe was filled to the brim. Finally, Lin Yiqian decisively picked out a red dress among the colorful collection of dresses.

    It was a long dress that reached her ankle with a V-neck collar on top.

    Lin Yiqian did her make-up as quickly and as simply as possible. The only thing she used was a lipstick of a slightly darker shade of red that matched the color of her dress.

    As usual, her long black hair rested naturally behind her. It seemed to sway from side to side cheerfully as Lin Yiqian walked.

    She headed directly to the dining room.

    As she arrived, she noticed Gu Nianshen sitting at the dining table on his own with a glass of milk in one hand and newspaper in the other.

    He was drinking the milk while he read the newspaper.

    At first, Lin Yiqian thought that Gu Nianshen would have left while she took her time to get ready upstairs. That was why she had walked into the dining room so confidently.

    To her surprise, he was still hanging around, which made her feel very awkward.

    It still felt like a dream. Lin Yiqian could not believe that she had slept with him while he was wide awake.

    For a moment of pleasure, she had to now endure the state of embarrassment.

    After standing by the entrance to the dining hall for some time, she realized that Gu Nianshen had not noticed her arrival.

    Perhaps... She would go out for breakfast instead.

    As she thought of this and was prepared to leave, she suddenly heard Aunt Zhou's voice. "Little Yi, hurry up and get over here for breakfast."

    Why could not Aunt Zhou have appeared slightly later?

    Lin Yiqian had no choice but to stop in her tracks and turn around with a smile.

    Just as she expected, Gu Nianshen now shifted his gaze to her. She quickly looked away toward Aunt Zhou. "Good morning, Aunt Zhou."

    Lin Yiqian slowly walked into the dining hall and sat down from across Gu Nianshen.

    "Eat more. You've been eating too little these days." Aunt Zhou immediately placed a plate of food in front of Lin Yiqian.

    As Lin Yiqian had exercised much less frequently these days, she had been harsher on herself in terms of her diet. She would almost always only have a glass of milk and a single egg for breakfast.

    Lin Yiqian was very much aware of her tendency to get fat if she overate. Although she would not become severely overweight, it would still reflect poorly on her when she was on stage.

    Camera lenses were often much stricter than the naked eye.

    Lin Yiqian responded to Aunt Zhou's comment with a smile before picking an egg up and slowly fed herself pieces of it one at a time.

    She kept her head low as she occasionally peeked at Gu Nianshen.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen had returned his gaze to the newspaper and would take a sip from his glass of milk, unhurriedly, every now and then.

    He seemed very much at ease as if what happened earlier in the morning between them had not affected him at all.

    However, he was wide awake this time. He should have remembered everything.

    To Lin Yiqian's surprise, he had not rejected her advances.

    It was sufficient proof that men were easily swayed by lust. Even if they did not like certain women, they would still sleep with them.

    Lin Yiqian had originally thought that Gu Nianshen was an exception. However, he was putting up a front all along.

    After Lin Yiqian had finished her egg, Gu Nianshen still had not spoken a single word.

    In fact, he was still on the same page of the newspaper he appeared to be reading.

    What was so mesmerizing about the news article?

    Lin Yiqian was about to lean in to take a look at what Gu Nianshen was reading when he suddenly put the newspaper on the table.

    Then, he quickly stood up and started walking out of the dining room.

    He did not even glance at Lin Yiqian.

    Right then, Aunt Zhou entered the dining hall with a bowl of porridge and noticed Gu Nianshen walking away. "Nianshen, aren't you going to eat?" She called out.
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