271 CEO, Your Face Is Red

    "I'm full," Gu Nianshen replied with his back facing Aunt Zhou.

    Before he finished his sentence, he had already physically disappeared from the dining room.

    Aunt Zhou frowned helplessly before looking away from Gu Nianshen to the food on his plate. "He ate so little."

    Gu Nianshen's glass of milk was at least half-full and he had only taken one bite out of his sandwich and did not even touch the eggs on his plate.

    Indeed, he had barely eaten anything.

    Lin Yiqian's mouth twitched as she gritted her teeth before putting her fork down. She then reached for her phone.


    Qi Shaodong had to take a night flight from the capital to Shanghai the day before. In less than five hours, he would have to hurry back to the capital again. Qi Shaodong leaned against the door of the car with a bitter frown on his face.

    As soon as he saw Gu Nianshen walking out from the house, he immediately greeted Gu Nianshen with a look of excitement. "CEO, you only have an hour left. We need to get going."

    "Alright," Gu Nianshen replied before walking past Qi Shaodong with his head lowered.

    He did not look at Qi Shaodong's face.

    Qi Shaodong felt that something was amiss. He caught up with Gu Nianshen as they walked toward the car.

    "CEO, why is your face red? Are you not feeling well?" Qi Shaodong asked, concerned.

    Qi Shaodong could swear that he was genuinely concerned about Gu Nianshen, and was not trying to snoop around.

    "We only have an hour. Are you sure we can make it onto the plane in time?" Gu Nianshen asked with a frown.

    After rolling his eyes at Qi Shaodong, Gu Nianshen proceeded to get into the car.


    The door on the passenger's side was promptly closed.

    Qi Shaodong remained speechless.

    Whose fault was it that they were running late?

    Gu Nianshen was the one who had decided to rush home late in the night and to leave in a hurry. Qi Shaodong had even confirmed the time of their flights with him. Gu Nianshen was the one who took his own sweet time at home.

    Qi Shaodong suddenly realized that it was not easy being an employee of such an unreasonable boss.

    Qi Shaodong had no choice. If he wanted to make money, he would have to suck it up.


    As Gu Nianshen did not get enough sleep, he felt dizzy. Fortunately, he was able to lie down on the passenger's seat.

    Whilst the car slowly backed out of the courtyard, Gu Nianshen leaned back as his gaze swept past the rear-view mirror. A bright red color appeared in the mirror.

    It was the reflection of a tall lady standing in front of the main entrance as if she was looking at something far away.

    Gu Nianshen smiled as he pressed a button to lower the window. As soon as it was fully wound down, Gu Nianshen extended his hand to gently caress the girl's tiny reflection in the mirror as it became smaller and smaller.

    "CEO," Qi Shaodong called out all of a sudden.

    As Gu Nianshen's thoughts were interrupted, the affectionate smile on his face disappeared as he retrieved his hand and closed the window.

    "Speak," he replied.

    "I've given VV a call. From his investigations, he found out that madam would always be out of the office during lunchtime," Qi Shaodong said.

    "Did she go out to meet clients or did she go to the store?" Gu Nianshen asked without giving it much thought.

    "We don't know. She would always leave on her own at noon. However, she would return during dinner-time and stay in the office until approximately ten o'clock."

    Gu Nianshen was focused on the latter part of Qi Shaodong's sentence, where he mentioned that Lin Yiqian would work overtime until ten o'clock.

    He wished he could shut the Lin family's business down. However, the fact that Lin Yiqian was willing to trade her own life for the business proved that she badly wanted the business to survive and thrive. Gu Nianshen could not possibly crush her hopes.

    In the entire world, the only person whom he refused to disappoint was Lin Yiqian.


    "Tell VV to keep an eye on her. Find out who she's meeting. I want everything she does to go smoothly." Gu Nianshen ordered Qi Shaodong after sighing silently.
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