272 She Could Not Afford To Be Proud

    "I understand," Qi Shaodong answered.


    Lin Yiqian chased after Gu Nianshen as she ran out of the house. When she saw that his car was already in the distance, she seemed slightly disappointed.

    Then, Lin Yiqian turned around and walked into the house.

    "Little Yi, your phone hasn't stopped ringing." Aunt Zhou came running out of the dining room.

    Lin Yiqian hurriedly took the phone from Aunt Zhou and saw that it was a call from her assistant.

    This was the first time Lin Yiqian's assistant called her before working hours. There must have been something important.

    "What's the matter?" Lin Yiqian immediately picked up the call.

    "Chief Lin, I'm sorry to bother you." Her assistant apologized. "Fu Chenghai will be having a meeting this morning at Siyun Hotel. He will spare ten minutes to meet us before his meeting."

    'Spare ten minutes to meet us...' Lin Yiqian repeated in her mind. Her proud disposition would not have allowed this to happen without any repercussions. However, without her mask, she was only Lin Yiqian, Lin Quan's CEO. Due to Lin Quan's current conditions, she could not afford to be proud.

    This was because Lin Quan's stake in Yanbei Square was far too important.

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian's mouth twitched as she nodded.

    After hanging up, Lin Yiqian hurriedly packed her things up before departing from the house.

    Siyun Hotel was a five-star hotel that the Yanbei Group had jointly invested in with other investors. It was located next to Yanbei Square, which would soon be launched.

    By the time Lin Yiqian arrived, her assistant was already there.

    As soon as her assistant saw her, she ran over to Lin Yiqian. "Chief Lin, Fu Chenghai is already here. Let's meet him right away."


    Without wasting another second, they immediately took the lift to the 39th-floor that was the highest floor in the building.

    The entire floor consisted of only presidential suites. Fu Chenghai was in a meeting in room 3908, which was being temporarily used as a meeting room.

    There was an employee of the hotel standing next to the open door of room 3908.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian and her assistant arrived at the door, the employee stopped them in their tracks. "May I know who you are looking for?"

    "We are here to meet Chief Fu," Lin Yiqian's assistant answered.

    "Chief Fu is not here yet. Are you two here for a meeting?" The employee asked.

    Before the employee finished her sentence, her gaze darted to a person behind Lin Yiqian and her assistant as she lowered her head politely. "Chief Fu."

    Speaking of the devil.

    Lin Yiqian turned her head around and caught sight of a young man in his early thirties dressed in a blue shirt. The man, who wore spectacles, was slightly plump and not very tall.

    There was an aura of elegance about him, which befitted one who worked in academia. He seemed slightly more old-fashioned in person than when he appeared on television.

    "Chief Fu," Lin Yiqian greeted Fu Chenghai with a smile before shifting her gaze to the woman who accompanied him.

    The woman seemed to be of similar age to Fu Chenghai. She was dressed in a black shirt and white loose-fitting pants. Although she was not spectacularly beautiful, she emanated great confidence that overpowered everyone in her presence.

    She was the daughter of Fu Si Group's boss, Wan Suqin.

    When Lin Yiqian found out that Fu Si intended to compete with them for a place in Yanbei Square, Lin Yiqian did some investigation and found out that Miss Wan would soon become the successor of Fu Si's CEO.

    Since Wan Suqin was able to accompany Fu Chenghai, it meant Lin Quan's fight for a place in Yanbei Square had become much more difficult.

    Perhaps Fu Chenghai had spared the ten minutes for Lin Yiqian to convince her to give up.

    While Lin Yiqian was lost in her own thoughts, she continued to smile.

    "Chief Fu, nice to meet you." Her assistant approached Fu Chenghai as soon as he got close.

    "This is Chief Lin." Lin Yiqian's assistant introduced her to Fu Chenghai.
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