273 Because My Husband Is Gu Nianshen

    Lin Yiqian's assistant had not merely mentioned that she was the CEO. Instead, he made sure to address her as Chief Lin.

    In truth, he was concerned that Fu Chenghai would not recognize that they were from Lin Quan, which would make things very awkward for them.

    "Chief Lin." Fu Chenghai finally smiled at Lin Yiqian.

    It was a half-hearted greeting that did not seem to sound polite at all.

    "Let's not stand outside. We can chat inside." Fu Chenghai added.

    As he spoke, he continued to walk past Lin Yiqian into room 3908.

    Wan Suqin followed after Fu Chenghai. When she passed by Lin Yiqian, she even nodded at Lin Yiqian politely with a smile on her face.

    Lin Yiqian returned her smile before walking into the room.

    It was a large presidential suite. The living room itself was at least over a hundred square meters. The huge crystal chandelier glowed with a warm light. Meanwhile, real leather couches in white reflected a purely European design.

    It spoke of luxury and elegance.

    Fu Chenghai made his way to the couch and sat upon it before introducing Lin Yiqian to Wan Suqin who stood next to him. "Chief Lin, this is Miss Wan from Fu Si."

    Lin Yiqian locked eyes with Wan Suqin for a second before nodding politely at her.

    "Chief Lin is such a beautiful lady. Indeed, the rumors are true." Wan Suqin was the first to speak.

    She spoke with such softness that even a lady would be charmed. It was a direct contrast to her strong and capable image.

    Lin Yiqian could tell that she was not offering a genuine compliment. Therefore, Lin Yiqian chuckled without replying to her.

    "Not only do you look beautiful, but you are also very capable. I heard that Lin Quan has recovered from its dire state of bankruptcy under Chief Lin's management."

    It was clear that Wan Suqin was making a sarcastic remark.

    "It's all because I am Mrs. Gu." Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    It was necessary to bring Gu Nianshen up occasionally as a way of showing off, especially to people like Wan Suqin who tended to insult her as having achieved success because of her looks. If Lin Yiqian could rely on her looks, why would she need any talent?

    If her husband were ugly, she would need to rely on her own talent. However, her husband was Gu Nianshen and he looked amazing. Therefore, Lin Yiqian would not mind if the entire world thought that she relied on her looks to achieve success.

    As Lin Yiqian sounded somewhat proud, Wan Suqin became even more obvious with her sarcasm. "That's why people say that no matter how hard a woman worked, it would not beat being able to get married to a wealthy man."

    In fact, there was a tinge of jealousy in her voice.

    Lin Yiqian nodded proudly. "I don't deny that. My life is basically all sorted because my husband is Gu Nianshen."

    As Fu Chenghai and Wan Suqin did not seem to have a normal working relationship, Fu Si might already have a greater advantage than Lin Quan.

    Therefore, Lin Yiqian needed to use Gu Nianshen's reputation to lift her own.

    Besides, Gu Nianshen seemed to be concerned that Lin Yiqian would embarrass him. In that case, she would use his reputation to avoid that.

    If he found that out, Lin Yiqian would say that it was for the sake of his own reputation.

    As Lin Yiqian no longer wanted to continue the sarcasm-filled conversation with Wan Suqin, she did not give Wan Suqin an opportunity to speak any further. She immediately turned to look at Fu Chenghai. "Chief Fu, you mentioned that we would have ten minutes with you. However, you showed up with Chief Wan from Fu Si. I take it that you have already made up your mind."

    "I'm sure you both know that there is only one unit left in Yanbei Square," Fu Chenghai spoke with a deep voice.

    He paused as he glanced at Wan Suqin who stood next to him before returning his gaze to Lin Yiqian. "We have chosen you two among many brands. However, I have no choice but to let you two compete against each other."
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