274 But He Has Married Me

    'Hehe... A cruel competition.' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    Fu Chenghai's relationship with Wan Suqin was getting more obvious by the second. If Fu Si really wanted the unit, Fu Chenghai could give it to them at his whim.

    However, he had still invited Lin Yiqian over. Lin Yiqian wanted to see what tricks they had up their sleeves.

    Lin Yiqian listened to Fu Chenghai quietly while she processed her thoughts in her mind.

    However, Wan Suqin spoke first. "Fu Si will be willing to increase the share in revenue from the originally agreed thirty percent to forty percent."

    The bidding had begun almost instantly.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    The standard share in revenue would be thirty percent for Yanbei Square from the brands which set up stores in the shopping mall. It meant that out of every 10,000 dollars in revenue, 3,000 dollars would go to Yanbei Square. In the scenario of a forty percent revenue share, Yanbei Square would receive 4,000 dollars out of 10,000 dollars in total revenue.

    Coupled with operational and hiring costs, there was no way any money could be made.

    There had never been such a ratio of revenue sharing throughout history. What were they trying to do?

    Was this an auction that would benefit the highest bidder only?

    It was impossible that the Yanbei Group would put so much effort into securing an additional ten percent in revenue from a certain brand. It was pointless to do so.

    They must have had other things on their minds.

    As Lin Yiqian was still trying to analyze the situation, she was in no hurry to speak.

    "Chief Wan, you are being far too generous." Fu Chenghai suddenly began to laugh.

    He seemed very pleased with Wan Suqin's offer.

    "Our objective is to take over the market in Yanbei. Consider it a long-term advertising opportunity. It doesn't matter if we make a loss." Wan Suqin chuckled.

    "Which means that whoever offers a higher revenue-sharing margin, that person would win the bid." Lin Yiqian spoke then.

    "Chief Lin, that's not exactly the case. We're both in sales. It's all about the win-win principle." Fu Chenghai retorted as he was displeased with Lin Yiqian's statement.

    'Hehe! Do you consider such extortive terms as a win-win situation?' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    It seemed that they had truly thought of her as a naive businesswoman who knew nothing about running a company.

    "I think our discussion has come to an end," Lin Yiqian replied, expressionlessly.

    Then, she began to walk out of the room.

    As soon as she got out, she slowed down her pace and occasionally glanced behind her.

    Just as she was about to reach the lift in the corner, a woman appeared from room 3908. It was Wan Suqin.

    The corners of Lin Yiqian's mouth lifted as she slowed down her pace of walking.

    "Chief Lin," Wan Suqin called out after catching up with Lin Yiqian.

    "Is there anything I can help you with, Chief Wan?" Lin Yiqian asked with a faked look of confusion on her face as she stopped walking.

    "I can allow Lin Quan to take the spot in Yanbei Square. However, Chief Lin must trade it with a spot on Galaxy's premises," Wan Suqin said.

    'Haha... So this is what they wanted.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Were they not being a tad bit too optimistic?

    "Galaxy only allows luxury goods in their stores," Lin Yiqian said with a tinge of sarcasm in her voice.

    Although Fu Si had improved their brand image significantly over the past two years, they were still far from reaching Galaxy's standards.

    However, if they made it into Galaxy, their brand image would naturally be enhanced further.

    Lin Yiqian wondered what had given Wan Suqin the courage to make such a request. How could she possibly think that Yanbei Square could compare to Galaxy?

    "I believe Fu Si is more suitable for Galaxy than Lin Quan," Wan Suqin said as she chuckled.

    It was obvious that she was claiming that Fu Si was a better brand than Lin Quan.

    "I'm afraid I can't help you. It's like how many women think they are a better match for my husband. But... He has married me," Lin Yiqian replied blandly.
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