275 Your Sister-in-law Is Very Capable

    Originally, Lin Yiqian had already wanted to make Wan Suqin step down from her pedestal. However, Lin Yiqian could not help but feel a great sense of accomplishment.

    Ignoring the fact that Gu Nianshen might or might not like Lin Yiqian, he was still admired by many women. Lin Yiqian was lucky enough to be married to him.

    Apart from that, Lin Yiqian felt that many women would fantasize about sleeping with Gu Nianshen regardless of whether he liked them or not, which was exactly the same thing she herself fantasized about.

    As soon as Wan Suqin heard what Lin Yiqian said, she froze.

    Lin Yiqian smiled and started walking toward the lift without saying a word. Once she arrived in front of the lift, her assistant hurriedly pressed a button on the panel.

    As soon as they entered the lift, Lin Yiqian's assistant turned to look at her respectfully. "Chief Lin, you were awesome back there. Miss Wan seemed furious!"

    Lin Yiqian chuckled without speaking a word.

    If Gu Nianshen found out that she had used him to flaunt to others, he would definitely insult her. Therefore, she would try to keep the matter as low-key as possible.

    She would do her best to keep him from finding out.

    "Are we giving up on Yanbei?" Her assistant asked after realizing that Lin Yiqian was not about to speak.

    'Should I give up?' Lin Yiqian asked herself. This was her first target after taking over Lin Quan. Although it had only been a short period, she had put in a lot of effort into acquiring the deal. Lin Yiqian truly did feel reluctant to give it up.

    However, Fu Chenghai was the most powerful person in the Yanbei Group and had the biggest say in making decisions.

    Since he was on Fu Si's say, there was no point in waging a war against them.

    Besides, there was no way Li Yiqian could accept the term Wan Suqin had offered. Nevermind that Gu Nianshen would not agree to it, as even she herself would not. The act of getting a place in Yanbei Square in exchange for a place in Galaxy was like trading gold for silver.

    Besides, Fu Si truly was not up to Galaxy's standards.

    Lin Yiqian would try to think of other ways.

    It was normal for things not to go according to plan in such business dealings.

    Incidents as such were bound to happen regularly in the future. Lin Yiqian would need to get used to it.


    As Lin Yiqian did not have sufficient rest the night before, her voice had been affected. Hence, the recording work did not go very well.

    Lin Yiqian proceeded to leave the recording studio before the sun had even set.

    As she stood in front of the entrance, she yawned.

    Lin Yiqian walked down a flight of stairs to where her car was parked. As soon as Bai Se saw her approaching, he opened the door for her.

    Just as Lin Yiqian was about to get into the car, a familiar voice could be heard from beyond the gates. "Goddess."

    'Damn!' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Did she imagine herself hearing it?

    Lin Yiqian jerked her head around to look at the main entrance, only to find Gu Nianjia standing there in a yellow t-shirt with a white cap over her head. Gu Nianjia's pupils were very much dilated.

    Had she not just been sent to school? Why was she back here?

    More importantly, Lin Yiqian was shocked by how Gu Nianjia managed to find this place.

    Was this Bai Se's standard of secrecy?

    Lin Yiqian turned to look at Bai Se suspiciously.

    However, Bai Se seemed as equally frantic as she was. "Your sister-in-law is very capable."

    This was the first time they were discovered after being in one location for a few days.

    When they were based overseas, they would occasionally bump into fans like Gu Nianjia who would search high and low for where Catwoman worked. As soon as they were found, they would move to another location for work.

    After some time, fans realized that Catwoman was being burdened by their bothersome stalking and decided not to seek her out privately.

    "Goddess..." Gu Nianshen waved her hands in the air excitedly as she hopped about.

    'Darn it!' Lin Yiqian frowned helplessly as she began walking in Gu Nianjia's direction.

    When Gu Nianjia saw Lin Yiqian walking toward her, she covered her mouth in excitement. She was lost for words on how to express herself.
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