276 My Brother Treats Me Very Well

    Gu Nianjia was in a state of disbelief. Being able to get up close and personal with her goddess felt like a dream.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian arrived at the entrance, the door opened automatically.

    "Hey cutie, how did you find me?" She asked Gu Nianjia.

    For a brief second, Lin Yiqian actually wanted to address her as a sneaky little bastard.

    "My brother's assistant told me that your workshop is here. I can't believe you really are here. My brother treats me very well, indeed," Gu Nianjia answered.

    Gu Nianshen had actually helped Gu Nianjia find out where her goddess was working.

    Gu Nianjia decided that she would never doubt that he was her biological brother.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    'Damn you, Gu Nianshen!' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    She had never known anyone who would hold a grudge so badly. Gu Nianshen had exposed Lin Yiqian's whereabouts despite her having paid the sum of 100 million dollars.

    She was certain that this was an act of revenge.

    Although it was only Gu Nianjia who showed up today, Lin Yiqian believed that more fans would be here for her the next day.

    When Gu Nianjia realized that Lin Yiqian had remained silent for quite some time, she began to worry that Lin Yiqian might have become upset. "Goddess, I hope I'm not disturbing your work..."

    'What do you think?' Lin Yiqian thought to herself.

    However, Lin Yiqian could not bring herself to express anger toward Gu Nianjia who seemed very frightened. "Why have you come to look for me?"

    Since Lin Yiqian was speaking in such a gentle manner, it must have meant that she was not upset.

    Gu Nianjia immediately turned cheerful once more. However, she immediately stopped beating around the bush as she knew how precious time was for Catwoman. "Do you still remember the uncle I've mentioned to you about? He has agreed to meet you."

    'Huh? Did Changlin actually agree?' Lin Yiqian stared at Gu Nianjia as her eyes widened.

    Lin Yiqian refused to believe that Song Changlin would be interested in a woman he had never encountered before. However, she would not dismiss the possibility that he was forced to agree to Gu Nianjia's request.

    After all, he would agree to almost anything Gu Nianjia asked of him.

    It appeared that Lin Yiqian would have to make her rejection clear.

    "Cutie, I am very busy with work and have no time for romance. For the time being, I really have not thought about getting into a relationship," Lin Yiqian said with a smile.

    If Lin Yiqian was not concerned about Gu Nianjia leaking the news out, Lin Yiqian would have told her that she was already married.

    However, if word got out that Catwoman was married, Lin Yiqian could only imagine how badly it would impact her career.

    When Gu Nianjia heard what Lin Yiqian had to say, she naively believed that Lin Yiqian was simply too busy with work to get into a relationship. "My uncle isn't the kind of person who would latch onto his partner. He is a nice person and looks handsome too.

    "If you don't believe me, I could show you his picture." Gu Nianjia looked at Lin Yiqian earnestly.

    As Gu Nianjia spoke, she frantically reached for her phone in her purse and began to scroll through pictures on the screen. When Lin Yiqian took a peek at the screen, she was taken aback.

    Gu Nianjia's photo album showed only pictures of Song Changlin. Each of them was of him in a different outfit in a different place.

    Had Gu Nianjia downloaded these photos to show Lin Yiqian?

    One at a time, Gu Nianjia began to show Lin Yiqian pictures of Song Changlin.

    Even if she randomly selected the pictures, Song Changlin looked great in all of them.

    Through the pictures, Lin Yiqian could see the melancholic gaze from his eyes regardless of whether he was smiling or not.

    Lin Yiqian had noticed this aura of melancholy since the first day they met.

    "He is the best person to me in the world. Goddess, you are also my favorite female. That's why I want you two to get together." Gu Nianjia added as she continued to scroll through the pictures.

    Gu Nianjia was such a pure and kind soul that she would introduce her favorite person to someone whom she believed was the best man in the world.
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