277 My Brother Fully Supports Me In Being A Matchmaker

    If she were not Lin Yiqian, and had not fallen so hard for Gu Nianshen, she might have been touched by Gu Nianjia's offer.

    Lin Yiqian stopped looking at the photos as she shifted her attention to Gu Nianjia's face. Whenever Song Changlin's name was brought up, Gu Nianjia's facial expression would become visibly cheerful.

    Gu Nianjia seemed to be happy from the bottom of her heart.

    She failed to realize that Lin Yiqian had already stopped looking at the photos. After some time, Gu Nianjia seemed to be scrolling through the photos on her own while she admired each one of them.

    Could this girl be fantasizing about being in a relationship with her uncle?

    "Don't you need to go to school?" Lin Yiqian finally cut the silence off when she noticed that Gu Nianjia had become engrossed in admiring her uncle's pictures.

    Her simple question immediately caught Gu Nianjia's attention.

    "Our beast of a lecturer has made me extremely upset, which was why I have left school and come home. I told him that I'm not interested in studying the subject of law but he insisted that I do so. He even said that I am simple-minded and that if I don't learn about law, I might commit crimes in the future." Gu Nianjia fumed as she turned her phone off.

    As soon as this incident was brought up, Gu Nianjia immediately seemed enraged.

    "Why the heck would he say that? I am from a rich and powerful family. I would neither steal or rob from another person. Besides, I don't really play around with boys either. In fact, I would even feel bad about stepping on an ant. How could a kind person like me possibly commit a crime?" Gu Nianjia added after taking a deep breath.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    She suddenly felt curious about Gu Nianjia's professor.

    He must have paid a lot of attention to Gu Nianjia in school to know her this well. In honesty, Lin Yiqian had thought long ago that Gu Nianjia should learn the basics of law and emotional intelligence.

    "Do you plan on not returning to school?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    "He's going to call me very soon." Gu Nianjia suddenly stopped frowning as a confident smile appeared on her face.

    She seemed proud.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    Why did this feel like a quarrel between a couple?

    "Goddess, let's set up a date for you and my uncle to meet. Is that alright?" Gu Nianjia suddenly changed the topic. "Just meet him once. If you feel that he is not right for you, I won't force you to be with him."

    Lin Yiqian felt an urge to tell Gu Nianjia to behave more professionally as her fan.

    Gu Nianjia should not try to be a matchmaker for her.

    "My brother and I both feel that you are very compatible with my uncle. My brother usually has a very high standard for women. Even he thinks that you are extraordinary," Gu Nianjia added.

    'Finding our aunt-in-law is our shared responsibility...' Lin Yiqian recalled something she had overheard Gu Nianshen saying.

    "Is that so?" Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    Why was Gu Nianshen trying so hard to find a partner for Song Changlin?

    "It's the absolute truth. My brother fully supports me in being a matchmaker." Gu Nianjia tapped her own head as she spoke.

    From the way Gu Nianjia spoke, it did not seem as if she was lying. Moreover, Gu Nianshen really did say those words.

    "Why is he so supportive?" Lin Yiqian could not help but ask.

    "It's because our uncle is still single. My brother is worried that my sister-in-law would cheat on him with our uncle."

    Lin Yiqian was in a state of shock.

    This must have been Gu Nianjia's own ridiculous hypothesis.

    Lin Yiqian was concerned that her identity would be exposed if this conversation proceeded any further.

    She needed to get away from Gu Nianjia as soon as possible. "I still have things I have to do. I have to go." Lin Yiqian smiled as she turned away and started walking to her car.
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