278 Gu Nianshen, Im A Little Upset. What Should I Do?

    "Goddess, do you have WeChat? Can I add you there?" Gu Nianjia ran after Lin Yiqian.

    "I promise I won't harass you with messages. I won't tell any of my classmates what your WeChat handle is either."

    "Alright," Lin Yiqian answered.

    She gave Gu Nianjia Bai Se's WeChat handle instead of her own.

    After adding Lin Yiqian on WeChat, Gu Nianjia left with a wide grin on her face.

    Lin Yiqian smiled as she noticed how cheerful Gu Nianjia seemed when she walked away.

    'My brother fully supports me in being a matchmaker.' Lin Yiqian began to recall what Gu Nianjia had said earlier.

    'Gu Nianshen, I'm a little upset. What should I do?' She thought to herself.


    As soon as Lin Yiqian got into her car, she reached for her phone and looked for Qi Shaodong on WeChat.

    "Are you two still in the capital city?" She wrote in the message.

    "If you want to find out why you were blocked, don't tell your boss about this message," she added quickly after.

    The warning was made very clear.

    After a long while, Qi Shaodong finally replied to her messages. "I understand. I won't tell my boss. We are still in the capital city and will be returning on a flight tomorrow noon."


    After putting her phone down, Lin Yiqian appeared somewhat disappointed.

    'I still have to wait until tomorrow.' She thought to herself. 'Tomorrow it is then.'


    Once Bai Se confirmed that Catwoman's location of work had not been exposed the next day, Lin Yiqian was able to return to get her recording work done.

    As she was in a good condition today, the job was completed without any hiccups.

    After the recording session, Lin Yiqian decided not to return to the office but to head home instead.

    At home, she hurriedly changed into comfortable clothes before entering the kitchen.

    When an old female servant saw Lin Yiqian entering the kitchen, she approached her. "Madam, what are you looking for?"

    "I would like to cook. You may leave," Lin Yiqian answered.

    As she spoke, she opened the refrigerator before scanning its contents. After identifying several items of her choice, she took them out one at a time.

    "This won't do. Madam, please tell us what you'd like to eat and we'll prepare the dishes for you," the servant said in a panic-stricken voice.

    "It's fine. Go on out." Lin Yiqian shook her head.

    Seeing how Lin Yiqian was adamant about cooking, the servant gave up trying to convince her and instead called for Aunt Zhou.

    "Little Yi, what are you doing in the kitchen? Just let them know what you'd like to eat and they'll do the cooking," Aunt Zhou said as she approached Lin Yiqian.

    When she got close, she was surprised by the ingredients Lin Yiqian had picked out and was in the midst of cleaning. "These all look like Gu Nianshen's favorite ingredients."

    "He's not the only one who likes them. I like them too," Lin Yiqian said in defense.

    Lin Yiqian glanced at the ingredients.

    'Hmm...' Lin Yiqian pondered. These were indeed ingredients that she liked.

    Although she had made the selections based on Gu Nianshen's preferences, she had failed to realize that she liked most of the same ingredients as well.

    Even after all these years, Lin Yiqian had not realized that most of the ingredients Gu Nianshen liked were the same as what she liked growing up.

    She had completely forgotten about her own preferred cooking ingredients and instead only remembered what Gu Nianshen liked.

    It was rare for her and Gu Nianshen to have something in common.

    While Lin Yiqian became lost in her thoughts, Aunt Zhou chuckled next to her. "There's a saying that all family members share similar traits. It isn't a surprise that you both like the same cooking ingredients."

    Aunt Zhou no longer tried to stop Lin Yiqian.

    In fact, she even hoped that Lin Yiqian would prepare more dishes to make Gu Nianshen happy.

    "I'll hand the kitchen over to you then. Tell them if you need anything," Aunt Zhou said.

    "I understand."

    There were five dishes in total, including a soup dish. These were the only dishes Lin Yiqian knew how to prepare.
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