279 Something She Pursued After Throughout Her Youth

    In truth, Lin Yiqian had to experiment many times to get the dishes right.

    After bringing the dishes one at a time to the dining table, she arranged them in a circular setup with the soup in the middle.

    Lin Yiqian then sat on one of the chairs at the table whilst resting her chin on both hands as she indulged in her feeling of accomplishment.

    With her fair-skinned complexion and beautiful face, she seemed quite fashionable despite being dressed in one of the servants' flowery aprons. Coupled with her loose ponytail, she seemed extraordinarily pretty.

    Right then, she was neither the CEO of Lin Quan nor the Catwoman hailed on stage by all and sundry. She was merely the wife of Gu Nianshen, a woman who had prepared dinner and was waiting for her husband to return home.

    This was something she had pursued after throughout her youth.

    Back then, she would notice that her mother seemed very happy whenever she took time off work to cook in the kitchen.

    Lin Yiqian used to think of how great it would be if she too could cook for Gu Nianshen. That was why she learned how to make these dishes secretly.

    She wanted to learn about everything that he liked so that one day if luck permitted it, Gu Nianshen would break up with Xi Xia and fall for her instead.

    As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she could not help but snigger at her own naivety for ever having such ideas about Gu Nianshen.

    She never hoped that he would actually be surprised or appreciate her efforts. All she hoped for was that he would eat dishes that she had personally made.

    It would make her feel more grounded as his wife.

    Lost in her thoughts, Lin Yiqian began to smile without even realizing it.

    "Little Yi, Nianshen isn't home yet. Why don't you eat first?" Aunt Zhou suddenly interrupted Lin Yiqian's thoughts.

    By the time Lin Yiqian came back to her senses, she realized that it had already turned dark outside.

    A glance at her watch showed that it was already half-past seven.

    Why was Gu Nianshen not home yet?

    Usually, Gu Nianshen would have been back by now if he did not have to attend meetings. Lin Yiqian had already checked with Qi Shaodong and found out that Gu Nianshen did not have any meetings tonight.

    Could Gu Nianshen have gone out with Li Nanmu and the others?

    Lin Yiqian picked up her phone and was about to send Gu Nianshen a message on WeChat. However, she stopped herself as soon as the thought occurred.

    "I'm not hungry yet. Anyway, I'm not waiting for him. I'm still thinking about something related to work. I'll eat in a while," Lin Yiqian answered.

    "Oh." Aunt Zhou nodded, expressionlessly.

    Lin Yiqian had made multiple dishes that Gu Nianshen liked and refused to start eating without him.

    Aunt Zhou did not believe that Lin Yiqian was not waiting for Gu Nianshen.

    Once Aunt Zhou left, Lin Yiqian rested her head against the table as she stared at the dishes in front of her with a pout on her face.

    'Gu Nianshen, if you are not back soon, I'm going to eat by myself.'


    "Aunt Zhou, I need some iced water. My blood is boiling." Gu Nianjia's angry voice could suddenly be heard.

    Lin Yiqian sat up straight as she looked over to the living room.

    She had forgotten that her sister-in-law had returned. As Lin Yiqian had not bumped into Gu Nianjia since her return, she did not notice her presence.

    Who had made Gu Nianjia this angry?

    Lin Yiqian chuckled as she stood up and walked out of the dining room.

    "Why are you upset?" Aunt Zhou chuckled as she approached Gu Nianjia with a bottle of iced water.

    Gu Nianjia began chugging down the iced water. "Song Feifei nearly drove me mad. If it weren't because Sister Xiaxia was leaving the hospital today, I wouldn't have gone out for a meal with Song Feifei. All she did was get admitted into a university abroad. What's so great about that? She wouldn't stop belittling me in front of my mother by saying that I did not study hard enough at school."

    Gu Nianjia and Song Feifei had always had a conflict with one another. Aunt Zhou was no longer surprised. "Feifei has always been like that. Don't mind her. You are the most adorable and most obedient girl in the family."
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