280 Xi Xia Has Been Discharged

    "Isn't Xiaxia being discharged this Friday?" Aunt Zhou continued to ask Gu Nianjia after speaking a few words of consolation.

    "They said she has recovered ahead of time and can be discharged sooner," Gu Nianjia answered.

    As Aunt Zhou had looked after Xi Xia all this while, she could not help but feel concerned. "Did you see Xiaxia? Does she seem well?"

    Gu Nianjia seemed to struggle with her words. She nodded after a moment. "Yeah, she seemed to be in the pink of health. She even smiled very cheerfully when she saw my brother. She should be fine."

    'She even smiled very cheerfully when she saw my brother...'

    Lin Yiqian stopped walking as she stood at the door of the dining room.

    In that instant, she felt as if she was being suffocated.

    For fear that Aunt Zhou and Gu Nianjia might notice her, she swiftly returned to her seat in the dining room.

    As she sat in front of the dishes, she felt like a fool who had waited for three hours for nothing.

    Lin Yiqian's tummy rumbled there and then. It sounded as if it were mocking her for dreaming of the impossible.

    As Lin Yiqian sniggered at herself, she began to feel a tingling sensation in her nose and eyes.

    Hurriedly, she placed a hand over her nose. However, the overwhelming bitterness in her heart would not go away. In the end, she decided to pick up a piece of cooked prawn with a pair of chopsticks and stuffed it into her mouth.

    Having been left in the open for some time, the prawn had turned cold and tasteless.

    Lin Yiqian tried to convince herself that it must have been because she ate too little. That was why everything tasted so bland.

    As she pulled the entire plate closer to her, she began using a spoon to stuff herself mouthful after mouthful.

    Very soon, she had emptied the entire plate of prawns and was digging into another dish.

    "Little Yi, did you finish eating already?" Aunt Zhou was just about to tell Lin Yiqian that Gu Nianshen was not coming home for dinner and that she should start eating.

    However, Aunt Zhou discovered that Lin Yiqian had already finished three dishes on her own and was halfway through with the fourth dish, which was a dish of stir-fried minced pork. In fact, Lin Yiqian was eating directly from the plate.

    Aunt Zhou was slightly taken aback.

    From the day Lin Yiqian had entered this household, she had always eaten very little during meals. In particular, she would barely eat anything in the evening and would at most drink some soup.

    Why was she eating so much tonight?

    "I'm hungry now. That's why I have eaten it all," Lin Yiqian mumbled whilst chewing. It was clear that her mouth was filled with food.

    Although her eyes were already red with tears, the gagging sensation from stuffing herself with food made her eyes seem even redder.

    Aunt Zhou quickly poured her a glass of water. "Even if you are hungry, you should eat slowly. You'll choke yourself if you eat this frantically."

    Lin Yiqian ignored the glass of water as she held the bowl of soup in the air and began pouring it into her mouth.

    As she could not swallow fast enough, soup began spilling down both sides of her mouth and made her apron wet.

    "Little Yi," Aunt Zhou said with a concerned voice. She could sense that something was amiss with Lin Yiqian's emotional state.

    Although Aunt Zhou had the thought of snatching the bowl away from Lin Yiqian, she felt that she was not in the place to do so.

    Lin Yiqian ignored Aunt Zhou as she continued to drink the soup. Nearly half of the soup was dripping down from her sides.

    Once the content had been emptied, Lin Yiqian placed the bowl on the table and exerted a tremendous amount of effort to stand up.

    Calmly, she walked past Aunt Zhou.

    As she could not force herself to swallow the last mouthful of soup, she kept it in her mouth until she entered her room.

    Once she had closed the door, she charged into the bathroom and began puking into the toilet bowl.

    After that, she could no longer muster the strength to stand up. Feeling limp, she sat down on the ground before leaning against the toilet bowl as she laughed at herself.

    She was laughing so hard that her shoulders trembled and tears flowed down her cheeks.
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