283 He Will Make Breakfast For Her Everyday

    Gu Nianshen thought that that idiotic Lin Yiqian had gone out to eat and she had eaten so much that her stomach was overwhelmed.

    "Didn't you know?" Aunt Zhou was surprised that Gu Nianshen still sounded as if he was completely unaware.

    "Why do you ask?" Gu Nianshen snapped out of the exhaustion he felt and immediately sat upright.

    "Little Yi came home around six o'clock last night and made several dishes. She then sat in the dining room all by herself for three hours before digging in and finishing all the food on her own."

    "She made the dishes on her own?" Gu Nianshen gasped. He had no idea that Lin Yiqian knew how to cook.

    Lin Yiqian had always been the only daughter in her family and was spoilt because of that. The only time Gu Nianshen ever saw her cook was when she made instant noodles for her cousin Jiang Mo.

    Back then, Gu Nianshen happened to be passing by their house. Lin Yiqian was only fourteen while Jiang Mo was ten. Lin Yiqian was making instant noodles for Jiang Mo secretly in the garden and had even burned her hand by accident.

    Back then, Gu Nianshen was already thinking about how he would need to go through a lot of trouble to take care of such a clumsy girl.

    He wondered when she had learned to cook.

    Was it during her stay abroad in the past five years?

    What kind of life did she have to go through with Song Changlin? Not only did she have to go on a strict diet, but she was also even forced to cook.

    "Yes, Little Yi made several dishes including stir-fried prawns, bamboo minced meat, pepper beef slices, steamed kale, and vegetable soup. She had finished all of it on her own and even drank all of the soup," Aunt Zhou said with certainty.

    She named every single dish that Lin Yiqian had made.

    Gu Nianshen was familiar with all of those dishes. "Those are all her favorite dishes," he said.

    "Aren't they your favorite dishes too?"

    "Ehh..." Gu Nianshen was stunned by Aunt Zhou's question.

    He had nearly forgotten about the day they celebrated their class monitor's birthday. Back then, these were the only dishes he saw Lin Yiqian eating. In fact, she alone finished nearly all of them.

    After the incident, he would ask the servants to cook those dishes for him every day.

    Although he would get bored with other dishes, he was able to eat the dishes that Lin Yiqian liked every day for nearly eight years. He could no longer describe the dishes as the food he liked. Instead, eating those dishes had become a habit.

    While Gu Nianshen continued to ponder, Aunt Zhou continued to speak. "After cooking the dishes, she stared at them at the dining table for nearly three hours as if she were waiting for someone. She only started eating at nine o'clock."

    'As if she were waiting for someone...'

    Gu Nianshen felt touched by those words. Was she waiting for him?

    If she was waiting for him, why did she not send him a text?

    Besides, why would Lin Yiqian cook for him and wait for him to eat together? If she really did have the heart to do so, Gu Nianshen vowed to prepare breakfast for her every morning.

    It was not a big deal at all.

    Although Gu Nianshen was still doubtful of whether Lin Yiqian had actually waited for him to return home for dinner, he still felt awful about not having gone home to eat.

    He had missed the chance to eat the dishes that Lin Yiqian personally prepared.

    The dishes must have tasted amazing. Otherwise, why would she eat all of them and end up at the hospital?


    "Good morning, CEO."

    After not having slept well for the past few days, Gu Nianshen's dark eye circles had become very obvious.

    As Qi Shaodong had noticed Gu Nianshen's dark eye circles, the manner in which he smiled at Gu Nianshen whilst greeting him was slightly odd.

    "What are you smiling at?" Gu Nianshen immediately noticed the oddity and frowned at Qi Shaodong.

    "Should... Should I not smile?" Qi Shaodong immediately stopped smiling as he blinked innocently.

    "That was an insincere smile," Gu Nianshen said expressionlessly.

    Qi Shaodong felt speechless.
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