287 You Dont Have To Explain To Me

    As soon as Lin Yiqian heard Xi Xia's name, she felt that her stomach was not the only part of her body which hurt. Her heart felt as if it was aching as well.

    Although she was Gu Nianshen's rightful wife, she could not justify her reasons for being jealous of Xi Xia.

    It seemed as if Gu Nianshen had every right to visit Xi Xia and to spend time with her.

    They were a wonderful match from the start.

    However, she still felt somewhat joyful that he had explained what happened last night to her.

    After all these years of liking him, and despite the long period of feeling jealous of Xi Xia and feeling hurt because of the relationship between Gu Nianshen and Xi Xia, this was the first time he had explained anything about them.

    Lin Yiqian thought for a moment that he might actually have started caring about her.

    Her eyes drooped as she began to relax her hand in Gu Nianshen's as she let her guard down completely.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    "I didn't know that you cooked and was waiting for me." Gu Nianshen's voice could be heard yet again.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian raised her gaze to his face. He seemed very sorry.

    Right then, Lin Yiqian's eyes glimmered as tears began to form in them. Her eyes looked like the surface of a lake with rippling waves after a rock had been thrown into it.

    She could feel her heart beating faster and faster. With her mouth slightly ajar, she continued to study Gu Nianshen's handsome face.

    Her other hand that rested next to her leg clenched tightly into a fist, trembling just as her heart did.

    A sudden pang of pain in her stomach seemed to be giving her a warning.

    After struggling to remove her hand from Gu Nianshen's, she began to speak in a cold tone. "It's normal for you to visit your mother and Xi Xia. You don't have to explain to me."

    Then, she lowered her head as tears began to fill her eyes.

    Despite blinking hard, she could not stop the tears from forming.

    Those were not words she had meant to say. Instead, she wanted to say 'Gu Nianshen, can you forget about Xi Xia? Can you try to like me instead? I have been watching you two for nearly a decade. That's how long I have been jealous of her.'

    Every single time she had thoughts like this, she was fully aware that she would only be tormenting herself if she persisted.

    However, she would always put in the effort to get what she wanted. The way she studied was similar to the way she approached fitness. She was not born with the ability to eat as much as she wanted without getting fat. Therefore, she needed to stay on a diet and exercise frequently to stay fit. Similarly, she was not intellectually gifted such that she could play as much as she wanted without studying and still get good grades. In other words, she needed to put in an effort to study if she wanted to get good results.

    Only the top three students would be able to represent the school in external activities. Hence, she would seclude herself prior to exams to study as hard as possible.

    Her only objective was to find an opportunity to replace Xi Xia. Perhaps, on one of the occasions, Xi Xia would not be able to participate in the school trips and Lin Yiqian would be able to take Gu Nianshen away from her once the two of them were alone.

    However, in truth, Xi Xia would always be by Gu Nianshen's side. She was like an alarm that constantly reminded Lin Yiqian that Gu Nianshen already had a girlfriend.

    Just like the night before, Xi Xia was still there to remind her of that fact.

    Xi Xia was the only woman whom Lin Yiqian was jealous of in the world.

    After remaining silent for a while, Lin Yiqian finally spoke in a soft tone, "I wasn't waiting for you. I had cooked just enough for one person and I ate it all by myself."

    Then, Lin Yiqian turned around and walked to her bed.

    In the patient's robe, Lin Yiqian seemed slimmer than usual. Gu Nianshen could not help but approach her and reached for her hand. "In that case, cook a larger portion the next time," he said with a chuckle.

    Lin Yiqian had asked about his schedule, and even cooked dinner and waited for him for three hours.

    In that house, there was nobody else she could be waiting for but him.

    This idiot was obviously angry at him for not returning home to have dinner with her and had thus wasted her efforts.

    Lin Yiqian was slightly surprised by Gu Nianshen's initiative of approaching her. "Next time?" She raised her eyebrows.
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