288 Kneeling on Keyboards and Durians

    "Next time, I..."

    Gu Nianshen nearly said that he would cook for Lin Yiqian the next time. However, he stopped himself just in time.

    If Lin Yiqian rejected his offer and refused to eat what he cooked, it would be way too awkward.

    "Next time, I will get Aunt Zhou to cook food that you like."

    Then, he immediately raised the insulated food container in his hand. "The doctor said that you can't eat anything solid or too stimulating. Here... I made this porridge."

    When Lin Yiqian heard that Gu Nianshen had made the porridge, her jaw dropped.

    "Let me pour this into a bowl for you."

    "I'm not hungry. Thank you."

    The way she thanked him made him feel as if there was a great invisible distance between them. As he held the insulated food container in his hands, he approached Lin Yiqian despite her cold stare.

    All of a sudden, he began to feel nervous. When he extended his hand toward Lin Yiqian, she had already walked past him. His hand was left dangling in the air.

    An emptiness filled his heart as an indescribable sense of nervousness took over. Without being aware of it or being able to control himself, he began to follow after Lin Yiqian.

    Once Lin Yiqian had reached the bed, she proceeded to sit on it. Although Gu Nianshen felt that he should do something for her, he stood still with the insulated food container in his hands and was unsure of what to do.

    "Lin Yiqian..." He finally called out. "I have to head to the office for a meeting. I'm leaving the porridge here. Eat a little at least."

    Despite his intention to speak gently, the way he spoke turned out to be much harsher. It sounded almost like a command.

    Having decided that he would not speak further, Gu Nianshen directly uncapped the insulated food container. Within the container was a compartment where a bowl was stored.

    After pouring some porridge into the bowl, Gu Nianshen held it up in his hands as he glanced quickly at Lin Yiqian. However, Lin Yiqian kept her eyes closed in an attempt to ignore him.

    Gu Nianshen resisted the urge to reach out with his hand.

    As the sound of Gu Nianshen's familiar footsteps faded into the distance, Lin Yiqian opened her eyes.

    From the corner of her eyes, she could see him walking away.

    Once the door was closed, a sense of emptiness and disappointment filled her heart without warning.

    At that moment, Lin Yiqian finally understood that she was not actually angry. Instead, she had convinced herself that she did not have the right to be angry at him. However, she was still trying to get his attention in some way.

    Perhaps, she had overdone it and failed to realize that that was the case.

    There was a possibility that Lin Yiqian wanted Gu Nianshen to feed her the porridge, or even just to personally place the bowl of porridge in her hands.

    As she thought of this, Lin Yiqian snickered at herself.

    Drawing her gaze away from the door, she looked at the porridge that had been placed in front of her.

    What should she do? She still could not bring herself to eat it on her own.


    Gu Nianshen had been on his phone for the past half an hour whilst he sat on one of the chairs in the lobby.

    He had published a post on a forum for relationship advice. "I was not aware that my wife had made dinner last night, and therefore did not return home to eat. She might be angry at me and there's no way I can appease her. What should I do?"

    There were many ridiculous replies to his post, none of which suited him.

    "Buy her things until she forgives you."

    "Kneel on the shell of durian and beg for forgiveness."

    "Kneel on your keyboard."

    The suggestions were ridiculous. Were they asking Gu Nianshen to kneel on the shell of durian? What was with the keyboard?

    After refreshing the post, Gu Nianshen saw new replies.

    "My fellow brother, women are very fragile. You must pay attention to the tiniest of details. My ex filed for a divorce with me because I failed to notice certain details. I think your relationship has gone cold." Someone named Social Pest wrote.

    Gu Nianshen's facial expression immediately turned gloomy. "Not only has your relationship gone cold, so have you." Gu Nianshen wrote in reply.

    Then, he tapped into Social Pest's profile and reported the user for misconduct.

    Gu Nianshen then looked at the following reply.

    "What should you do when your wife gets upset? Perhaps she has gotten used to being pampered. Dragging her outside and beating her up will get the job done." Sad Cousin wrote.
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