292 You Are My Wife

    What was the rush? Could there be something sinister going on?

    Lin Yiqian did not make a decision immediately. Instead, she leaned against the bed frame behind her before placing one index finger on her lip as her upper incisors gently pressed into her finger.

    Gu Nianshen could not move his eyes away from Lin Yiqian as he observed her smallest gestures. All of it reminded him of the times she was deep in thought during exams.

    Whenever she figured out how to solve a problem, a barely noticeable smile would appear on her face.

    However, to Gu Nianshen, the smile meant everything in the world. As soon as he saw her smile, he would be able to relax and work on his own questions.

    What he feared the most was if she frowned because that would mean that she could not solve a problem. Usually, it would result in her poor performance once the results were announced.

    Not realizing that Gu Nianshen was looking at her, Lin Yiqian pondered for a moment before replying to the manager, "Make an appointment for this afternoon."

    She would find out whether there was anything fishy going on once they met.

    If everything seemed fine, it would be a good idea to get the contract signed as soon as possible. Now that many shopping malls had already stopped selling products from Lin Quan, they really needed to get a spot in a shopping mall with high volumes of transactions such as Yanbei.

    "Alright, Chief Lin."

    "Okay. I'll head to the office shortly."

    As soon as Gu Nianshen heard that Lin Yiqian wanted to go to the office, he frowned and interrupted her. "Are you really going to the office in such a state?"

    Was that worthless company more important than her life?

    "That's all for now. I'm hanging up." Lin Yiqian ignored Gu Nianshen as she decided to hang up.

    Then, she pulled the duvet aside and got out of bed.

    Lin Yiqian seemed pale and weak in the patient's robe.

    Gu Nianshen gritted his teeth before catching up with Lin Yiqian and blocking her way. All of a sudden, he bent down and circled his arms around Lin Yiqian's feet before lifting her up into the air.

    He was going to send her back to bed.

    Gu Nianshen's sudden action took Lin Yiqian by surprise. As she was rather tall, she had nearly lost her balance if not for her quick reflex of circling her hands around Gu Nianshen's head.

    "Gu Nianshen, what are you doing? Put me down." She gasped.

    Recalling that Xiaoyu was still around, she hurriedly turned her head around in the direction of her bed.

    The little fellow was about to take a bite from the bun in his hand. However, distracted by Gu Nianshen's odd behaviour, Xiaoyu held the bun in his hand and was hesitating about biting into it right then.

    When Xiaoyu noticed that Lin Yiqian was looking at him, he immediately put the bun down. "Mommy, you're so tall. Good job Daddy, hold her up!"

    Lin Yiqian's pupils dilated with surprise.

    She could not believe what Xiaoyu had just said.

    When they arrived at the bed, Gu Nianshen did not immediately put Lin Yiqian down onto the bed. Instead, he lifted her head to look at her. "Are you still going to the office in the afternoon?"

    It sounded almost like he was daring her. If she were to say that she was still going to the office, he would not put her down.

    Lin Yiqian felt confused by his insistent behaviour. Was he worried about her physical health?

    Lin Yiqian lowered her head as she studied Gu Nianshen's handsome face carefully.

    She did not notice how gentle and affectionate he was being right then.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian's eyes seemed to glisten as the light reflected upon it.

    Gu Nianshen could not help but soften his tone of voice. "A spot in that scrappy shopping mall. Don't you feel embarrassed for signing the contract personally?"

    As he spoke, he began to put Lin Yiqian down onto the bed.

    "We couldn't possibly compare to you, Mr. Gu," Lin Yiqian said with a flushed face.

    "You are my wife."

    As soon as Gu Nianshen spoke, he could feel his cheeks turning hot from embarrassment.
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