293 Very Swee

    Gu Nianshen glanced at Lin Yiqian. Her surprised expression made his face feel even hotter.

    "It... It would be my reputation at stake if word got out." Gu Nianshen intentionally lifted his chin before shifting his gaze away.

    However, the phrase 'you are my wife' continued to linger in Lin Yiqian's mind.

    It was very sweet of him to say that. Lin Yiqian could feel the words reverberate throughout her entire body.

    "I am only worried that something sinister might be going on behind the scenes. That's why I don't trust someone else signing the contract on my behalf." Lin Yiqian sounded considerably gentler.

    "Two hours. That's all you have." Gu Nianshen softened his gaze.

    The way Gu Nianshen spoke to Lin Yiqian sounded as if she were a little kid whose mother had forbidden her from going somewhere to play. After some relentless begging, her mother had finally given her permission to do so.

    "Oh." Lin Yiqian's eyes lit up.


    The location of where the contract would be signed was decided by staff from Yanbei, and it happened to be at a cafe near their headquarters.

    As it was not tea-time yet, there were not many people in the cafe.

    When Lin Yiqian stepped into the cafe, she was surprised to find Fu Chenghai and a relatively young man sitting somewhere near a window.

    She could not believe that Fu Chenghai had actually come in person.

    Moreover, Lin Yiqian made it a point to arrive ten minutes before the agreed time. This proved that Fu Chenghai had actually arrived even earlier than her.

    However, there was a possibility that Fu Chenghai was here to chat over tea with someone other than her.

    As Lin Yiqian pondered, she began to approach Fu Chenghai to greet him. To her surprise, Fu Chenghai waved to greet her. "Chief Lin."

    'Eh...' Lin Yiqian was stunned.

    Was Fu Chenghai really here in person to sign the contract with her?

    "Chief Fu." Lin Yiqian nodded at Fu Chenghai once she got close enough.

    The young man next to Fu Chenghai hurriedly stood up and extended his hand to Lin Yiqian. "Chief Lin, nice to meet you. I am the manager of Yanbei Square, Cheng Dai."

    "Manager Cheng." Chief Lin shook his hand politely before sitting across them along with her assistant.

    "Chief Lin, sorry for the trouble." Fu Chenghai apologized in a diplomatic way.

    However, Lin Yiqian was still somewhat surprised by the drastic change in his attitude toward her.

    "Chief Fu, that was not necessary," Lin Yiqian responded whilst she questioned his intentions in her mind.

    Fu Chenghai raised his eyebrows at Cheng Dai without saying a word.

    Cheng Dai immediately turned to face Lin Yiqian. "Chief Lin, this is our general contract. Please have a look and let us know if there is anything you would like to add or amend. We may still negotiate on the terms."

    As he spoke, he extended a document to Lin Yiqian respectfully.

    He had gotten straight to the point.

    This meant that they were really serious about getting the contract signed.

    Lin Yiqian smiled at Cheng Dai before looking at the cover of the document in front of her. It had a very simple yet traditional design.

    As Lin Yiqian flipped through the pages, she carefully read each line and each word from the first page to the last.

    There did not seem to be anything fishy about it as it resembled the other contracts Lin Quan had signed with other shopping malls.

    Most importantly, the dated signature of the primary party involved was already printed on the document above the empty space where she was supposed to sign.

    After examining it once more to make sure that nothing was amiss, Lin Yiqian no longer hesitated as she picked up a pen decisively to sign on the blank space and wrote the current date next to it.

    The contract was successfully signed.

    Fu Chenghai immediately stood up and smiled at Lin Yiqian apologetically. "I have to catch my flight to the capital that will depart soon. I will not take up any more of your time, Mrs. Gu. Please invite Chief Gu along to have a meal with us when you visit the capital."

    The way Fu Chenghai addressed Lin Yiqian had changed from 'Chief Lin' to 'Mrs. Gu'.
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