295 I Havent Played Basketball For Several Years

    It became so quiet that Lin Yiqian was beginning to feel uncomfortable.


    Lin Yiqian cleared her throat to break the ice.

    "Hmm." A nasal sound came from the man next to her.

    It felt even more awkward now.

    Lin Yiqian bit her lower lip as she turned to face the window.

    Various buildings and objects came into sight one at a time.

    When they arrived at a junction, Gu Nianshen had to stop as the traffic light had turned red.

    "The weather is pretty nice today." Lin Yiqian turned to look at him as she chuckled in an unnatural way.

    Gu Nianshen responded with another murmured 'hmm'.

    The traffic light turned green as they began to move forward yet again.


    As soon as their car made it across the road, a loud thunder sound could be heard.

    Lin Yiqian felt speechless.

    It seemed that even the weather disagreed with her.

    However, Lin Yiqian had actually said something dumb earlier. There was barely any sun all day.

    Thus, the sound of thunder instantly made Lin Yiqian feel so embarrassed that she wished she could hide a hole right then.

    "There might be a thunderstorm today." The man's soothing voice could be heard next to her yet again.

    "Is... Is that so?" Lin Yiqian turned to face him as she chuckled politely. "I haven't seen the weather report."

    She was not used to making small talk.

    Lin Yiqian lowered her head as she bit her lower lip.

    Unintentionally, she caught a glimpse of the seat behind them and noticed a white jersey on the seat.

    She turned her head around to stare at the neatly folded jersey.

    Instantly, a flashback of a tall young man running past her with a basketball in hand appeared in her mind.

    However, it disappeared almost as quickly.

    As Lin Yiqian focused her gaze on the jersey, she leaned her head against the chair.

    She had not seen Gu Nianshen in a jersey for five years.

    When Gu Nianshen noticed that Lin Yiqian was looking at his jersey, he felt the need to explain. "Li Nanmu and the others are returning today and have asked me to play basketball with them."

    Then, he tilted his head ever so slightly in Lin Yiqian's direction in hopes of seeing her reaction.

    'The basketball match between Yi Gao and Fu Zhong was postponed to next month because of Xi Xia...'

    When Lin Yiqian heard that Gu Nianshen was going to play basketball, she immediately recalled what Xiao Susu had said.

    Indeed, Xi Xia was always there when he competed and she would always cheer for him.

    Xi Xia's presence must have been his primary motivation.

    "Do you still play basketball often?" She could not help but ask.

    She wanted to find out about him and Xi Xia.

    However, Gu Nianshen did not answer her question right away.

    A silence filled the air.

    Lin Yiqian was about to look at him with a confused expression when he suddenly spoke, "I haven't played for several years now."

    There was a tinge of bitter emotion in his tone.

    "Several years?" Lin Yiqian was surprised.

    "I... I remember that you liked playing basketball a lot back in school," Lin Yiqian said softly.

    "Hehe!" Gu Nianshen chuckled.

    Although he tried to make light of it, it sounded as if he was laughing at himself.

    What had happened after she left?

    Did something happen to Gu Nianshen? Was Xi Xia the one who saved him? Why had he stopped playing basketball?

    Lin Yiqian stared at Gu Nianshen for a long while before he suddenly broke the ice. "Is it fun studying at a university abroad?"

    "You ought to know that it isn't. The requirements are much tougher than the local universities. Students in the country like you have it better." Lin Yiqian laughed bitterly.
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