296 Jealous

    Without Gu Nianshen, any country or city felt like a bore.

    It was out of boredom that Lin Yiqian discovered she had more time to hone her skills which ultimately allowed her to become Catwoman.

    If there was anything unforgettable throughout her five years of living abroad, it would be when Lin Yiqian participated in the most popular singing competition in America whilst she was pregnant with Xiaoyu.

    That was the toughest period in her life.

    At the time, Bai Se was still not part of her life yet. She only got to know Bai Se who was a year younger than her after being involved in the competition.

    "Is that so?" Gu Nianshen remarked sarcastically, which confused Lin Yiqian.

    Did he think that she was not being honest?

    Lin Yiqian could not help but feel annoyed. "I was living in an unfamiliar place and would sometimes meet racist students. Can you imagine how bad it was?"

    'Can you imagine how I felt when I was not able to see you despite missing you so much?' Lin Yiqian thought to herself as she wondered how she ever made it through.

    "Didn't you have..." Gu Nianshen chuckled coldly.

    'Song Changlin?' He finished the sentence in his mind.

    Although he wanted to know about what happened between them, he was scared that he would feel jealous.

    Therefore, he stopped himself from completing the full sentence. Coincidentally, his phone began to ring.

    Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen recollected their thoughts and emotions as they shifted their gaze away from each other.

    Kept in the storage space between their seats, the phone continued to ring, face-down.

    Gu Nianshen glanced at it. As the car was approaching a junction, he decided to ask Lin Yiqian to pick up the call for him. "Could you help me with the call?"


    Lin Yiqian retrieved the phone. Having briefly scanned the screen, she immediately answered the call only to realize a little too late that it was a call from Xi Xia.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned.

    "Nianshen." The girl's voice could be heard from the phone.

    Lin Yiqian hurriedly shifted her gaze away from Gu Nianshen's face. She did not want to see his reaction toward Xi Xia.

    "Nianshen, are you there?" The girl's voice became louder after Gu Nianshen failed to respond to her.

    "What's up?" Gu Nianshen asked with a frown as he glanced at the screen of the phone.

    He sounded very calm.

    "Aunt's fever has subsided. You don't have to worry anymore," Xi Xia said softly.

    "I understand," Gu Nianshen answered calmly.

    In actual fact, they were not really talking about anything important. Lin Yiqian eventually became very impatient. "Hold the phone yourself. I'm tired."

    Lin Yiqian was stunned by her own emotional response.

    Gu Nianshen froze.

    Was this idiot jealous? Was he imagining it?

    "Nianshen, is Little Yi beside you?" Xi Xia asked loudly when she heard Lin Yiqian's voice.

    "Yeah," Gu Nianshen replied before looking at Lin Yiqian. "I'm driving. I'm going to hang up now."

    As he spoke, he tapped on the button to end the call.

    He then looked at Lin Yiqian as they both remained silent.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian was still feeling embarrassed by her own emotional outbursts. As she put the phone down, she immediately turned to look out of the window.

    The older she became, the less patience she seemed to have.

    Was it because she had become too prideful from being Mrs. Gu?

    For the rest of the journey, neither of them spoke.

    Gu Nianshen left after sending Lin Yiqian to the hospital.

    At half-past six, as the sun began to set, Lin Yiqian sat in front of the window to look at the sky, which was gradually filled with a red hue.

    Her mind was filled with thoughts of a young teenage male playing basketball on the court as her heart began to beat faster and faster.

    He should be on the basketball court by now.

    Lin Yiqian wished that she could be there to watch him.

    As she picked her phone up, she tapped into WeChat to check for updates in her circle of friends before composing a new post.
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