303 Not As Good As Dumplings, Not As Fun As Our Sister-in-law

    Unlike Qin Feng, Qi Wuyue would not admit that he thought the same despite actually thinking so.

    "Dumb pig!"

    Then, Qi Wuyue refused to even look at Li Nanmu.

    "You're a dumb pig," Li Nanmu retorted.

    "Sister-in-law," Li Nanmu suddenly called out in a huff. At first, he was too embarrassed to say it. However, as Qi Wuyue had yelled at him, he felt a sudden boost of courage.

    His voice echoed through the basketball court.

    Feeling slightly awkward, Lin Yiqian lowered her head and chuckled.

    "Hey crazy Feng, I was the one who has accepted the challenge. Those kids from Fu Zhong are incredibly obnoxious, especially the ones who served in the army. If we don't defeat them once and for all, they might make fun of us wherever they go. That's why we have to focus on the bigger picture." Li Nanmu tried to persuade Qin Feng.

    He was saying all this so that Qin Feng would address Lin Yiqian as his sister-in-law. "Sister-in-law." Qin Feng looked at Lin Yiqian helplessly.

    He had said it in a very natural way.

    After all, he was inherently an easy-going person who prioritized relationships over glory.

    Having said the words, Qin Feng began to persuade Qi Wuyue as well. "Ah Yue, come on. Just say 'sister-in-law'. You won't lose anything by doing it. Besides, Nianshen is older than you anyway. It's only appropriate if you do so."

    "Yeah. Nothing is as good as dumplings or as fun as..." Li Nanmu nodded.

    However, before he could finish his sentence, Gu Nianshen threw him a warning glance. Li Nanmu immediately recoiled and stopped talking.

    A heavy silence filled the air in the basketball court.

    Naturally, Lin Yiqian was familiar with such popular phrases on the internet.

    She shook her head helplessly as she grieved for Li Nanmu in her head.

    Was it not nice to just be alive?

    Li Nanmu paused before continuing his sentence jokingly. "Nothing is as fun as Ah Yue."

    Then, Li Nanmu immediately gave Qi Wuyue a knowing look.

    Although Qi Wuyue did not cut Li Nanmu off, he still refused to address Lin Yiqian as his sister-in-law.

    Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian felt that it was a good idea to stop right there. After all, Qi Wuyue was a person who cared about his reputation a lot. It would not do anyone good if he truly became upset.

    After pondering for a while, Lin Yiqian tried to break the ice. "Aren't you guys going to play? I still want to watch."

    It was an earnest comment as she had only seen Gu Nianshen make several successful shots when she arrived.

    However, not long after that, the match had come to an abrupt end.

    As Lin Yiqian made a face filled with disappointment, Gu Nianshen immediately retrieved his phone from his pocket and placed it in Lin Yiqian's hand. "Hold this."

    Was he ready to continue with the match?

    Lin Yiqian lifted her face to look at Gu Nianshen for reassurance.

    "It'll only be half an hour longer. Call for me if you don't feel well," Gu Nianshen said gently.

    After finishing his sentence, he turned around to head back to the basketball court.

    Lin Yiqian was stunned for a moment. After Gu Nianshen had walked off, she recollected herself and looked at the phone in her hand.

    She felt a little lost and uncertain.

    Had he left his phone with her so that she could keep it safe?

    This used to be something that Xi Xia would do...

    As Lin Yiqian pondered about it, she shifted her gaze to Gu Nianshen who was walking further away.

    Noticing the large number '1' printed on his jersey, Lin Yiqian began to smile from ear to ear.

    As Gu Nianshen had his back to Lin Yiqian, he could not see how Lin Yiqian was beaming with joy.

    However, Qin Feng was able to see it as he was facing Lin Yiqian from across the court. "Fortunately, I have not had my dinner yet. Otherwise, I would puke from all that sweetness," Qin Feng teased after Gu Nianshen had gotten close enough.
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