304 She Would Like to Have Her Husband Send Her Home

    "I had not expected that much affection from those two. I wish I could have ruined it for Gu Nianshen." Li Nanmu added.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianshen ignored their sarcastic comments as he picked up the ball and made a three-pointer shot.

    "You guys know what to do." Li Nanmu winked at Qin Feng and Qi Wuyue when Gu Nianshen had his back to them.

    Qin Feng returned his wink as if to agree.

    As they only had enough people for a single team, they were only able to practice some fundamental moves like passing and shooting.

    Since they had not played basketball for a long while, they needed to get used to it again. During the next training, they would find an opposing team to play against.

    Lin Yiqian sat on the bleachers as she rested her face against her hands that were placed upon her knee.

    Five years ago, she was sitting in this exact position as she waited for the match to end.

    Her gaze would never shift away from the young man who wore Jersey #1.

    However, the man she fantasized about seemed to be playing against everyone else.

    Li Nanmu and the other three had their eyes on Gu Nianshen the entire time and would try to stop him from getting the ball. Occasionally, they would even bump into him on purpose.

    Each time, Gu Nianshen would narrowly miss getting hit by them.

    However, Gu Nianshen was still able to shine despite being surrounded by his opponent as he remained the player who scored the most amongst the men.

    Once again, he managed to break free from their strong defense and managed to make a shot after leaping twice into the air.

    All of a sudden, Li Nanmu appeared from behind Qin Feng and slammed the ball away just before it hit the net.

    Meanwhile, as if Qi Wuyue had already expected Li Nanmu's move, he swiftly came into possession of the ball.

    They seemed to be working together in perfect harmony.

    Apart from that, the other two players were also keeping an eye on Gu Nianshen so that he could not get close to the ball.

    Although there were very few of them playing on the basketball court, Lin Yiqian still became engrossed. Whenever Gu Nianshen held the ball, her palms would get sweaty from being nervous.

    Seeing how Gu Nianshen was surrounded by his opponents, Lin Yiqian wished she could help him out.

    "Those people are clearly against my boss," Qi Shaodong suddenly spoke.

    Even a fool could tell what was going on.

    "That's normal. The price of being an ass is to be marginalized." Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    This fellow had always been a jerk to those men. On top of that, he even made them look like fools a while ago. It was not surprising that they were all against him.

    Lin Yiqian continued to focus on the match without looking at Qi Shaodong.

    "Mrs. Gu, indeed you know very well..." Qi Shaodong looked at her in awe as he spoke.

    'Our boss.' He thought.

    However, he did not have the courage to say the words.

    His hesitance caught Lin Yiqian's attention as she turned to smile at him. "Assistant Qi, go on."

    Qi Shaodong felt chills down his spine when he saw the way Lin Yiqian was smiling.

    "Mrs. Gu, have you had dinner?" He smiled foolishly.

    He had a strong will for survival.

    "If you haven't eaten, you may go home to have your dinner," Lin Yiqian said calmly.

    'Hurry up and leave, and stop being the third wheel.' Lin Yiqian thought. She would like to have her husband send her home.

    This fellow would only come between Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen.

    When Qi Shaodong heard that he was allowed to leave, he immediately seemed excited. "Can I leave then?"

    After a long day at work, he was still asked to pick someone up at the hospital after working hours had ended.

    Qi Shaodong did not know of any other assistant who worked as hard as him.

    Since Lin Yiqian did not say anything, it meant she had silently agreed.

    Although other people might not be able to see through it, Qi Shaodong was Gu Nianshen's personal assistant and knew very well that Lin Yiqian held a very important place in Gu Nianshen's heart. Things were definitely not how the media portrayed them to be.

    Perhaps, Lin Yiqian's words were even more significant than Qi Shaodong's own boss.

    If she had already agreed to let him go, what was he waiting for?
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