307 This Is What Love Feels Like

    After being put on the spot yet again, Qin Feng felt both speechless and helpless. "I am willing to sponsor one dollar."


    Li Nanmu glanced at Qin Feng in a disapproving manner before turning to smile at Qi Wuyue. Before he could speak, Qi Wuyue beat him to it. "Do not ever call me by my name."

    'A complete embarrassment!' Qi Wuyue thought as he gave Li Nanmu the stern warning.

    Then, Qi Wuyue turned around and picked up his belongings on the floor before heading toward the changing room.

    Li Nanmu blinked several times as he looked at Qi Wuyue who had stormed off before turning to face Qin Feng. "Is this fellow really mad?"

    "He is. In fact, he is mad at you," Qin Feng replied confidently.

    "Did I do something wrong?" Li Nanmu was feeling awful.

    Everything he did was for the sake of their team, the Black Horse, and for the glory of everyone who was in it.

    Why were they all treating him this way?

    "Perhaps it's due to your cowardice," Qin Feng said after weighing his thoughts.

    After hearing this, without saying a word, Li Nanmu immediately walked to where he placed his belongings to pick up his phone before returning to Qin Feng. "Record a video for me."

    Having turned the camera on, Li Nanmu handed his phone over to Qin Feng. Then, he began walking angrily toward Gu Nianshen. As he did so, he pointed at Gu Nianshen. "Gu Nianshen, I'm telling you this. I will pay you back for your phone. However, if you play any more tricks on us, I will kick you out of Black Horse."

    Li Nanmu was speaking in the most assertive way possible.

    Everyone remained silent.

    Was this fellow born with the wrong sex? Should he have been born a female?

    Not only was he a coward, but he was also a dramatic diva.

    After giving the stern warning, Li Nanmu hinted Gu Nianshen with his facial expression.

    'Help a brother out, please?' Li Nanmu thought.

    If only he had known being the team leader would be this difficult, he would have refused it even if he was offered ten million dollars to do it.

    This time around, Gu Nianshen chose not to reject Li Nanmu's plea. "Oh, okay." Gu Nianshen nodded before swiftly taking Lin Yiqian's hand and walking away.

    Lin Yiqian hesitated for an instant when her hand was grabbed by Gu Nianshen. She stared at her hand briefly before lifting her face to look at the man's face next to her.

    All of a sudden, there was a gush of strong emotion that seemed to have awakened within her.

    It beckoned her to get a bowl of dumplings near her school, read books in the library, share a cold bottle of soda with him from a convenient store in school, watch a movie with him, or even to walk home with him under the street lights.

    'Oh, dear mother. Isn't this how love feels like?' Lin Yiqian could hear her heart pounding. Somehow, her fingers were intertwined with Gu Nianshen as they held each other's hand.

    Very gently, Lin Yiqian applied pressure as her fingernails pressed against the joints on Gu Nianshen's hand.

    Right after doing so, Lin Yiqian immediately tried to pull her hand away.

    However, Gu Nianshen prevented her from doing so by wrapping his palm around her small hand.

    "Nianshen," Lin Yiqian exclaimed.

    "Hmm?" Gu Nianshen answered softly.

    "Are we going to the hospital?" Lin Yiqian bit her lower lip as she looked at Gu Nianshen expectantly.

    Lin Yiqian was not eager to return to the hospital as she was worried he might leave after dropping her off.

    If what happened tonight was a dream, she wished she could stay in this dream for a while longer.

    "If your stomach isn't feeling awful, we can go home for tonight," Gu Nianshen said without hesitating.

    When Gu Nianshen spoke, he neither looked at Lin Yiqian nor stopped walking.
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