308 Im So Happy! What Should I Do?

    In essence, Gu Nianshen was agreeing with Lin Yiqian. "I don't feel uncomfortable at all." Lin Yiqian shook her head decisively.

    Concerned that Gu Nianshen might change his mind, Lin hastened her footsteps to keep up with him.


    Oddly enough, only upbeat songs were being played on the radio this evening.

    As they listened along quietly, their mood began to shift for the better.

    Once they arrived home, Lin Yiqian was the first to enter the house. As she headed upstairs directly, Gu Nianshen followed behind her.

    Lin Yiqian stopped in front of the door to her room. She did not have the courage to enter it right away.

    With one hand around the doorknob, she turned her head around to look at Gu Nianshen who was making his way up. "I'm going to sleep."

    There was a tinge of unwillingness in her tone, albeit nearly impossible to detect.

    Gu Nianshen suddenly slowed down as he approached Lin Yiqian. Right then, Lin Yiqian accidentally turned the doorknob and the door opened.

    At the sight of this, Gu Nianshen thought that she really did want to sleep. Therefore, he immediately forced himself to give up on the ideas in his mind. "Oh," he replied before walking at a normal pace to his own room.

    Lin Yiqian seemed disappointed as the corner of her lips dropped.

    "Lin Yiqian," Gu Nianshen suddenly called out to her just as she was about to enter her room.

    "Huh?" Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze to him excitedly.

    Was he going to ask her to sleep with him in his room?

    "Go to the hospital tomorrow to find out if you can stay at home to rest," Gu Nianshen said.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian felt both disappointed and joyful.

    She was disappointed because Gu Nianshen did not call her name for the reason she had thought. However, she was joyful because she wanted to stay away from the hospital.

    In all honesty, she had wanted to leave the hospital earlier in the morning. She was sick of that place.


    Gu Nianshen opened the door to his room without saying a word before stepping inside.

    'I can't hug my husband to sleep tonight!' Lin Yiqian sighed as she entered her room.

    Back in her room, Lin Yiqian was not in the mood to do anything. Her mind was filled with thoughts of what had happened between Gu Nianshen and her today. She could not sleep even though she tried. It reminded her of the time she had accidentally bumped into Gu Nianshen and he had glanced at her briefly.

    When that happened, Lin Yiqian would definitely not be able to fall asleep as her mind was filled with thoughts of him, the scent of his uniform and the detergent it was washed with.

    After all these years, she was still infatuated with him.

    She truly did not have any resistance against Gu Nianshen.

    The more she thought about it, the more excited she became.

    Although they were in separate rooms next to each other and were only a door away, Lin Yiqian still missed Gu Nianshen and wondered when she would see him again.

    She also wondered if he had fallen asleep.

    Lin Yiqian took her phone out and opened WeChat. She was about to check on Gu Nianshen's profile when she noticed that there was a notification on her feed.

    As soon as she clicked into it, her eyes widened in disbelief.

    Nianshen had liked the post she published whilst she was in the hospital.

    Was this really from Gu Nianshen?

    Lin Yiqian clicked on Gu Nianshen's profile to make sure it was him. Indeed, it really was.

    Gu Nianshen did check his friend's posts after all!

    Not only did he not hide her posts from being viewed, he even liked her post.

    'I'm so happy! What should I do?'

    Lin Yiqian put her phone down before reaching for the nearest pillow and hugging it tightly whilst she rolled around on the bed repeatedly.


    In the morning, Lin Yiqian took all her clothes of the current season out of the wardrobe before placing them in front of her body to check how they looked.

    After selecting one of the brighter outfits, she hung the rest of the clothes back in the wardrobe.
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