309 Gu Nianshen Is A Headstrong Male

    Due to the fact that Gu Nianshen had picked out a bright-colored dress for Lin Yiqian the last time, she believed that it was the kind of color he liked.

    However, she had quite a number of dresses with the same bright colors. The difficulty was in choosing one specifically as they all looked good on her.

    After being in a dilemma for nearly five minutes, she still could not decide on which dress to wear.

    As Lin Yiqian stood in front of the mirror, she held two dresses up to compare. One was in a rosy red color while the other was in sapphire blue.

    Whilst she struggled to decide between the two, someone knocked on her door.

    "Who's there?" She hurriedly shoved the dresses back into the wardrobe before asking.

    "Little Yi, why aren't you coming down to eat?" Aunt Zhou asked.

    Aunt Zhou was calling her for a meal.

    "I'm coming," Lin Yiqian replied in a loud voice before sighing in relief.

    Then, she decisively put on a sleeveless red dress.

    Most of her clothes had v-necked collars. As usual, she had put on a rose-gold necklace with a simple design and tied her hair up in a simple braid before putting on some light make-up.

    It was a simple yet elegant look.

    As soon as Lin Yiqian walked into the dining room, she stopped.

    The man who was eating at the dining table must have sensed her presence as he lifted his head to look in her direction.

    After being stunned for a second, the facial expression on his face immediately returned to normalcy. He slowly and unhurriedly shifted his gaze away as he continued to eat, occasionally glancing at the newspaper next to him.

    Without thinking about it any further, Lin Yiqian walked to the seat across from Gu Nianshen before sitting down.

    After doing so, she picked up the glass of milk in front of her and took a sip of it.

    Right then, Aunt Zhou walked out of the kitchen. As soon as she noticed what Lin Yiqian was wearing, she began to speak words of praise. "Little Yi, you look great in that dress."

    Lin Yiqian felt somewhat embarrassed.

    Although it was normal for her to wear new clothes, Lin Yiqian knew better than anyone else why she had picked that particular dress.

    Lin Yiqian covered her mouth as she giggled. She continued to eat to avoid further embarrassment.

    "Nianshen, don't you think so?" Aunt Zhou suddenly turned to look at Gu Nianshen as a warm smile appeared on her face.

    Lin Yiqian instinctively turned to look in Gu Nianshen's direction. Coincidentally, he was also looking her way. Hurriedly, Lin Yiqian shifted her gaze away.

    After his gaze lazily swept past Lin Yiqian, Gu Nianshen began to speak in an equally lazy tone, "Looks the same to me."

    He sounded unimpressed.

    "This kid is truly a headstrong male." Aunt Zhou frowned.


    Lin Yiqian was at first disappointed by what Gu Nianshen said. However, hearing Aunt Zhou's words, she could not help but laugh out loud.

    This old lady was truly keeping up with the times. She even knew the term 'headstrong male'.

    In fact, Aunt Zhou even had the guts to use those words.

    Lin Yiqian was trying hard to control her laughter as her shoulders trembled.

    Gu Nianshen was originally numb to Aunt Zhou's words. However, when Lin Yiqian began to laugh, he frowned.

    He glared at Lin Yiqian in a judgmental manner.

    Lin Yiqian immediately stopped laughing as she pretended to eat as if nothing had happened.

    "What is this child laughing at? Jiajia told me that men who do not know how to sweet-talk are headstrong male," Aunt Zhou said in a huff.

    Aunt Zhou did not seem to think there was anything wrong with the phrase she used.

    Lin Yiqian shrugged without replying.

    "I've made an appointment with Dr. Zhang for nine o'clock," Gu Nianshen said after Aunt Zhou had walked into the kitchen.

    Clearly, this was directed at Lin Yiqian.

    "Oh... Have you already arranged for the appointment?" Lin Yiqian lifted her head in surprise.
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