310 Better Digestion If Two People Eat Together

    Lin Yiqian was surprised that Gu Nianshen still remembered about her check-up.

    Not only did he remember it, he even arranged it for her.

    Gu Nianshen did not lift her head or reply to her question. "I have a meeting at noon," he said instead.

    Was he saying that he would accompany her to the hospital?

    Lin Yiqian opened her mouth slightly. However, afraid that he would say no, she decided not to ask the burning question in her mind.

    Perhaps he was already planning to accompany her. If she asked, he might become arrogant and change his mind.

    Based on how well she knew him, it was very likely that the predicted scenario would happen.

    Lin Yiqian lowered her head as she tried to hide the joy she was feeling. Meanwhile, she began to eat the porridge Aunt Zhou had just placed in front of her.

    In the past few years when she lived abroad, she would always have to take care of herself if she got sick or was admitted into the hospital. Although Bai Se helped her with looking after Xiaoyu and did some of the work related to Catwoman, he was not responsible for her overall well-being.

    When she first arrived in New York, Lin Yiqian was not familiar with all the medical procedures at the hospital.

    On several occasions, she had burst into tears due to the feeling of helplessness. She did not know why she felt so weak and emotional back then.

    All she wished for was that someone would be there for her.

    Each time she had called Gu Nianshen on the phone, she would hang up before the call went through.

    Lin Yiqian continued to recall the past as she ate. When she placed the spoon in her mouth, she suddenly realized that there was nothing in it.

    Her thoughts now interrupted, she looked down at her bowl. It was empty.

    To her surprise, she had finished an entire bowl of plain porridge without eating any of the side dishes.

    "If you eat too much and have to be re-admitted into the hospital, please do not go in under the name of Lin Yiqian. I can't bear the embarrassment." Gu Nianshen's voice could suddenly be heard while Lin Yiqian was still in shock from eating an entire bowl of plain porridge.

    He sounded very disgusted with her.

    Lin Yiqian's face turned red as she gently put her spoon down.

    She then picked up her chopsticks and reached for a side dish.

    Suddenly, she could feel that Gu Nianshen was staring at her.

    Indeed, as she lifted her head, Gu Nianshen was staring at the chopsticks in her hand without any facial expression.

    "I'll just have a little." Lin Yiqian chuckled.

    As she spoke, she let go of several pieces of mushroom until one final piece was left on her chopsticks before placing it in her mouth.

    Gu Nianshen continued to read his newspaper without saying a word. A joyful smile began to appear on his face gradually.

    He had never had a proper nutritious breakfast in the past. Today, he had finished everything on his plate.


    "There's nothing serious. If you would like to go home, you can.

    "Just avoid eating anything too hard or spicy. Nothing that would make your stomach upset."

    After getting her scan done, Lin Yiqian was assured that she could leave the hospital.

    "Alright." Lin Yiqian nodded in agreement with everything the doctor said. All she wanted was to leave the hospital.

    She seemed even more obedient than when she was being reprimanded by a teacher back in school.

    Gu Nianshen could not help but laugh at the sight as he stood next to her.

    "It's best if two people eat together. If you eat on your own, you might eat too fast, which is bad for digestion. It won't help with your stomach's recovery either," the doctor continued.

    "Huh..." Lin Yiqian raised her brows.

    Was this even valid?

    However, it was not a big deal. Lin Yiqian only had to make sure that she ate slowly on her own.

    "Okay. I understand." Lin Yiqian immediately nodded.

    As the doctor was slightly older in age, he seemed to be somewhat naggier than others. After repeating his reminders several times, and for nearly fifteen minutes, he finally stopped.

    He was almost as naggy as Lin Yiqian's mother when she nagged Lin Yiqian about not believing what strangers told her when she went out to play on her own.

    After walking out of the doctor's office, Lin Yiqian let out a long sigh.
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