312 Kind And Pretty Sister-in-law

    "Kind and pretty sister-in-law." Gu Nianjia pleaded.

    A satisfied smile appeared on Lin Yiqian's face.

    Lin Yiqian liked Gu Nianjia's malleable personality and the way she easily sucked up to her.

    "I'll think about it," Lin Yiqian replied.

    After hanging up, she immediately booked a flight through a ticketing application. As there were many available flights to Beijing, Lin Yiqian picked one of the earliest ones.

    Perhaps, she would even be able to make it back home tonight.


    When Li Yiqian was fourteen, she came to Beijing for a vacation with her entire family, including Jiang Yuexiang.

    For other people, they would recall their childhood family trips fondly many years later. However, for Lin Yiqian, these memories disgusted her.

    That was because all of them involved Jiang Yuexiang.

    As long as Lin Yiqian and her mother's vacation plans included Jiang Yuexiang, Lin Tianwan would definitely tag along. On the contrary, if Jiang Yuexiang were not with them, Lin Tianwan would find all sorts of excuses to be absent too.

    If Lin Yiqian did not recall those incidents, she would never realize how dumb she had been. It was all so obvious now.

    When she visited Beijing in the past, she had taken a tour of Peking University and swore that she would be enrolled there one day.

    Back then, her academic results were rather mediocre. Therefore, nobody took her seriously and no one believed that she could get into Peking University.

    In the end, she did not enter Peking University.

    After more than eight years had passed, Beijing had changed drastically. It no longer looked the way it did in her memories.

    The only thing that had not changed was Peking University's main entrance. It was personally designed by the first headmaster of the university and the words across the door were carved with his own hands.

    The words carved in Chinese characters at the top of the entrance meant 'Where High Achievers Excel'.

    Anyone who read it would feel excited about studying there.

    When a person walked through the entrance of the garden area, there was a sight that was so magnificent to behold. It was such a large enclosure that Lin Yiqian had to walk for over twenty minutes to find the administrative building.

    Dressed in a black T-shirt and with a full beard, a middle-aged man in his early forties was smoking near the entrance to the administrative building.

    The only second-hand smoking Lin Yiqian could tolerate was from Gu Nianshen. Therefore, she frowned slightly before walking quickly past the man.

    Suddenly, the man turned around and followed after her.

    When Lin Yiqian turned her head around, she could see the man smiling at her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

    In other words, she found him somewhat suspicious.

    Lin Yiqian ignored him as she continued walking forward. After taking several steps forward into the building, Gu Nianjia came into sight. She was surrounded by a group of people.

    Lin Yiqian felt sorry for Gu Nianjia.

    However, at the same time, she found it hilarious that Gu Nianjia would still get into such trivial trouble at the university.

    Lin Yiqian knocked on the door as she pondered.

    As she did so, everyone in the room shifted their gazes to her.

    "My sister-in-law is here." Gu Nianjia's eyes lit up as she ran toward Lin Yiqian and circled an arm around Lin Yiqian's.

    With another person's support, Gu Nianjia seemed much more courageous now.

    This was a drastic change from a moment ago when she still seemed timid as a mouse.

    "Are you this girl's family member?" One of the people in the group that surrounded Gu Nianjia earlier asked. The group of people was now facing Lin Yiqian.

    A tall and skinny woman in her forties stood at the center of the group. She had curly hair and wore spectacles. As soon as she stepped toward Lin Yiqian, she began talking in an accusatory tone.

    "This is my sister-in-law." Gu Nianjia repeated as she tightened her grip around Lin Yiqian's arm.

    Lin Yiqian had a barely noticeable smile on her face. As she ignored the group of people, she turned to look at Gu Nianjia. "Tell me what happened," she said softly.
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