317 There Wont Be A Next Time

    "Of course I knew that b*tch was just pretending. I regret not hitting her harder!" Gu Nianjia exclaimed.

    Clearly, she was only saying this after the truth was out.

    Lin Yiqian secretly looked at Gu Nianjia in disgust.

    If Gu Nianjia claimed that she was the second-best in talking, nobody would dare to claim that they were number one.

    "In that case, I really don't know how to help you." Zhang Jingyu dropped his hands as he sighed.

    All of a sudden, Gu Nianjia seemed to have gotten mad as she stared at Zhang Jingyu with her eyes widened. "How could you say that? This whole thing happened because of you. They asked me to deliver food to you on their behalf. If you don't want to eat it, you should have just thrown it away. Why did you give it to me? They misunderstood that, thinking I didn't give it to you on purpose."

    The more Gu Nianjia explained, the angrier she became.

    It was all Zhang Jingyu's fault for being pretentious and attracting all that attention.

    "I told you to throw it away, not eat it yourself." Zhang Jingyu frowned.

    He finally sounded a little emotional.

    However, it was so minimal that one would not have noticed if one did not observe his facial expression closely.

    Lin Yiqian carefully observed Zhang Jingyu as she listened to the conversation between him and Gu Nianjia.

    Oddly, she felt as if she was a teenager again who fervently watched her idol's drama series. She was looking forward to what would happen next.

    Feeling embarrassed, Gu Nianjia dropped her head as she mumbled, "How could you expect a girl like me who has grown up not wasting any food to throw it all away? You knew I would eat it from the start."

    Gu Nianjia did not believe that he was clueless about her eating the food he asked her to throw away each time.

    Clearly, he was treating her like a recycling station. That was why he had asked her to throw the food away.

    Lin Yiqian remained silent.

    Would Gu Nianjia not feel guilty for praising herself so shamelessly?

    More importantly, she even had the guts to say to Zhang Jingyu that he should have known that she would have eaten the food behind his back.

    To a certain extent, Lin Yiqian had by now figured out the source of this whole misunderstanding. While Professor Zhang was popular among the students and had many admirers, Gu Nianjia was perceived as being the closest student to him and therefore everyone had asked Gu Nianjia to pass him their gifts.

    However, Professor Zhang would refuse to accept those gifts each time and instead asked Gu Nianjia to get rid of them.

    'Hehe!' Lin Yiqian chuckled to herself. She was getting more curious about the relationship between these two people. To be more accurate, she was curious about what Professor Zhang thought of Gu Nianjia.

    'As for Gu Nianjia...' Lin Yiqian glanced at Gu Nianjia as she thought of the next word that came into mind. 'Idiot.'

    Gu Nianjia was so clueless that she could be kidnapped someday and would still help her kidnappers count the money they had received for her ransom.

    Whilst Lin Yiqian observed the interaction between Gu Nianjia and Zhang Jingyu, she remained silent so as not to interrupt them.

    "Are you still going to help them deliver those gifts next time?" Zhang Jingyu was not denying what Gu Nianjia said.

    "There won't be any next time." Gu Nianjia fumed.

    Zhang Jingyu raised his brows in confusion.

    "I am going to end this relationship. I will never go to your class again. Because of you, they have even started saying bad things about my youngest uncle," Gu Nianjia said.

    She sounded serious and did not seem to be saying those words out of spite.

    Hearing this, Lin Yiqian instinctively turned to look at Zhang Jingyu to see how he would react.

    As Zhang Jingyu had lowered his gaze, and his long eyelashes and spectacles were blocking his eyes, Lin Yiqian could not tell how he was feeling.

    "Oh," he finally said coolly. Lin Yiqian could not hear any sort of emotion from his voice either.

    "Goodbye," Gu Nianjia said as she dragged Lin Yiqian away without looking at Zhang Jingyu.

    Gu Nianjia was exerting so much force that Lin Yiqian could not stop her. All Lin Yiqian could do was bid farewell to Zhang Jingyu whilst being dragged along by Gu Nianjia. "Professor Zhang, Gu Nianjia and I will be leaving now."
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