318 Chapter 318 Im Afraid I Might Forget I Am Your Sister-in-law

    Zhang Jingyu smiled as he nodded at Lin Yiqian.

    'Such a polite man.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    Zhang Jingyu was someone who would make others feel comfortable from the bottom of their heart. "Professor Zhang seems to be very nice to you. Are you sure you want to stop being friends with him?" Lin Yiqian turned her head around and asked Gu Nianjia.

    "All he knows is how to bully me. In fact, he threatens to fail me every single time." Gu Nianjia snorted.

    After hearing Gu Nianjia's complaint toward Zhang Jingyu, Lin Yiqian did not feel sorry for her. Instead, she had something else on her mind. 'He only bullies you because he likes you...'

    However, Lin Yiqian was unsure about how Zhang Jingyu perceived Gu Nianjia. Despite that, she was certain that he saw Gu Nianjia as more than a student.


    Gu Nianjia did not let go of Lin Yiqian's hand as they walked for nearly ten minutes until they finally reached the university's main entrance.

    When Gu Nianjia's phone rang with the sound of a notification, she finally let go of Lin Yiqian's hand.

    As she retrieved her phone, she wondered who the Wechat message might have been from. First, there was a look of surprise and joy on her face. However, it was soon replaced by concerned frown.

    "What's the matter?" Lin Yiqian asked with curious intent.

    "My youngest uncle is here." Gu Nianjia stated.

    Her tone sounded exactly the same as her facial expression, first joy and surprise followed by a tinge of melancholy.

    "Ehh..." Lin Yiqian was slightly surprised.

    Hadn't Gu Nianjia mentioned that she feared Song Changwen would find out about what happened and therefore did not inform her youngest uncle about it?

    Whilst Lin Yiqian pondered, Gu Nianjia continued to speak. "I bet the university staff called him. Bald Wang is so annoying. I've already told him that my sister-in-law would come. He still contacted my youngest uncle anyway."

    After replying to Song Changlin's message, Gu Nianjia lifted her head to look at Lin Yiqian warily. "Lin Yiqian."

    There was a sense of urgency in her voice.

    "What's up?" Lin Yiqian asked.

    "My youngest uncle is coming. You can go back now."

    Lin Yiqian immediately knew what was going on in Gu Nianjia's mind.

    Gu Nianjia did not want Lin Yiqian to meet Song Changlin.

    What did Gu Nianjia think she was? Someone she could summon and banish at her own whim?

    Gu Nianjia ought to ask Lin Yiqian to leave in the same manner which she begged her to come.

    "Why must I leave once your youngest uncle is here?" Lin Yiqian raised her brows at Gu Nianjia as she pretended to be confused.

    Meanwhile, Gu Nianjia was beginning to think that Lin Yiqian did not want to leave because Song Changlin had arrived. Therefore, Gu Nianjia was immediately on guard against her.

    "I'm warning you. You are already my sister-in-law. Stop thinking about becoming my aunt." Gu Nianjia pointed a finger at Lin Yiqian.

    "In that case, you ought to address me as your sister-in-law. Otherwise, I'm afraid I might forget that I'm your sister-in-law." Lin Yiqian raised her chin proudly as she ignored Gu Nianjia's stern warning.

    'I'm sure you'll have to surrender to me now.' Lin Yiqian thought.

    "Sister-in-law!" Gu Nianjia said as she accentuated each word loudly and clearly.

    Feeling satisfied, Lin Yiqian nodde her head. "Alright. I've got it. I'm leaving now."

    Anyway, Lin Yiqian wished to get home earlier so that she could have dinner with her husband.

    As the doctor had said, two people sharing a meal together would help with digestion.

    After finishing her sentence, Lin Yiqian began walking toward her car. Right then, the familiar figure of a man was heading her way.

    A look of shock appeared on Lin Yiqian's face.

    Whilst she remained stunned still, Song Changlin had already arrived before her. He was wearing a black shirt and matching pants.

    There had always been a sense of mystery about him which caused someone to feel curious about him and wanting to find out more.

    Song Changlin stopped in front of Lin Yiqian before a gentle smile appeared on his face. "I've just arrived. Are you leaving already?" He asked softly.

    Lin Yiqian decided to shift the blame to Gu Nianjia without hesitance. "Gu Nianjia asked me to leave. She said that since you're here, I won't be needed anymore."

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