319 Desire For A Daughter

    Gu Nianjia seemed to be fine with taking the blame.

    After all, her motive was a selfless one, which was to stop Lin Yiqian from interacting with Song Changlin. "Yes, my youngest uncle is here to help me. Therefore, you are not needed anymore, sister-in-law. Please hurry home now."

    Gu Nianjia made sure to accentuate the phrase 'sister-in-law' when she spoke.

    She must have done so on purpose so that Song Changlin would hear it.

    As Gu Nianjia spoke, she began walking closer to Song Changlin before touching his arm. "Youngest Uncle, did Bald Wang call you up?" She asked cheekily.

    "Did you actually beat someone up so bad she had to be admitted to the hospital?" Song Changlin asked as he ignored her question.

    Whilst asking, he scanned Gu Nianjia up and down suspiciously.

    "Why do you all doubt my fighting abilities?" Gu Nianjia frowned unhappily.

    "Did you get hurt?"

    The topic had been changed all of a sudden as Song Changlin gently rubbed Gu Nianjia's head.

    "I beat that b*tch so hard that she begged for me to stop on her knees. How could I possibly have gotten hurt?" Gu Nianjia waved her hand as she began blowing her own trumpet.

    She did not consider the fact that her lie might be uncovered one day. It would be extremely embarrassing when that happened.

    Then, Gu Nianjia continued to toy around with Song Changlin's arm. "But the fight was worth it because I get to see my youngest uncle now."

    She seemed overjoyed.

    The smile on her face was so pure that it reflected how carefree she seemed, almost like a child.

    As Lin Yiqian looked at Gu Nianjia, she wondered how Gu Nianjia would react when her youngest uncle found himself a girlfriend.

    She would probably be jealous.

    Was this not why Gu Nianjia hated Lin Yiqian in the first place? She believed that Lin Yiqian had seduced her youngest uncle and taken all his affection away from her.


    Lin Yiqian wondered if Gu Nianjia was possessive of her youngest uncle because she lacked care and affection whilst growing up.

    Although Lin Yiqian pondered these thoughts in her mind, she did not say a word.

    As it was already half past three in the afternoon, Lin Yiqian needed to leave soon. Otherwise, she would not be able to make it home by tonight. "Since your youngest uncle is here, I'll be leaving."

    "Go on, go on."

    Gu Nianjia waved her hand impatiently as if she wished that Lin Yiqian would disappear immediately.


    The flights were all booked out for today. The earliest Lin Yiqian could find was one at half-past twelve in the morning.

    Once Lin Yiqian got into a taxi, the first thing she did was to get into the application for flight booking.

    However, as soon as she entered, she became dumbfounded. All the flights to Shanghai were fully booked for the day.

    If she were to take the latest flight at half-past twelve in the morning, she would only get home when the sun was about to rise.

    After thinking about it for a moment, she hurriedly checked the availability of train tickets.

    Having done so, she felt even more hopeless.

    It took five hours to travel by train from Beijing to Shanghai. Moreover, the earliest ride would only depart at half-past seven in the evening, which meant that she would only get home after midnight.

    Lin Yiqian had thoroughly miscalculated this. All she had been thinking about was getting over here to help Gu Nianjia and had forgotten to buy a return ticket to get home.

    'What should I do?'

    Lin Yiqian wrestled with her thoughts as she held her phone. In the end, she decided to book the flight at half-past twelve.

    There was simply no other way. Unfortunately, she was destined not to be able to have dinner with her husband tonight.

    As there were still eight hours to half-past twelve, it would be too early to head to the airport. Lin Yiqian decided to go to the shopping mall instead.

    She could use this time to shop for Xiaoyu's clothes.

    At the rate the child is growing, he would need new clothes every few months.

    The nearest shopping mall was an outlet with all the luxury goods that have gone out of fashion.

    Lin Yiqian headed directly to the kids' section. The clothes there were all very adorable, especially the ones for little girls that had various patterns and designs.

    Just as Lin Yiqian stopped in front of one of the stores, there was a little girl trying out a pink dress. Her cheeks seemed unusually pink and tender. Her large eyes glistened under the light as if they were black grapes that were freshly cleaned.
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