320 The Country Owed Her An Adorable Daughter

    In particular, the little girl's slightly golden hair was tied into a loose bun that seemed so adorable that Lin Yiqian felt like squeezing her cheeks.

    What should she do? All of a sudden, Lin Yiqian wished she had a daughter.

    If she did, she would be able to bring her daughter all over the world to shop for all kinds of beautiful dresses in various colors.

    As soon as that thought occurred to her, Lin Yiqian immediately felt the urge to return home and have a baby with Gu Nianshen.

    While Lin Yiqian could not take her eyes off the little girl, Xiaoyu's plump face appeared in her mind.

    If Lin Yiqian and Gu Nianshen had a daughter, would she look like Xiaoyu?

    Sometimes, when Lin Yiqian tied Xiaoyu's hair up from the front, he would look like a little girl.

    As the little girl had probably done trying clothes on and was heading back to the changing room to get changed, Lin Yiqian hurriedly retrieved her phone to take pictures of the little girl from behind.

    Without any hesitation, she shared the picture she had taken of the little girl on her WeChat account for her friends to see. "I feel that the country owes me an adorable little girl. I like her so much. What should I do?"

    Lin Yiqian even added several emoticons behind her text, expressing her adoration.

    After that, Lin Yiqian give that any further thought as she kept her phone away in her purse. She entered the store as she recalled her intent of buying clothes for Xiaoyu.

    However, she could not help but walk toward the clothing section for girls.

    Almost immediately, a salesperson came over to assist her. "Hello, how are you? May I know how old your child is? I might be able to offer some recommendations."

    Without replying to the salesperson, Lin Yiqian's gaze was locked on a white skirt made of yarn. There were extravagant accessories decorated all over the dress, just like dresses worn by the princesses that Lin Yiqian adored as a child.

    She reached out to touch it with her hand.

    The salesperson who followed after Lin Yiqian smiled as he began describing the dress she was looking at. "Miss, this is a new design that has just arrived. It's on a 50% discount and it's definitely worth the purchase. Two days ago, it was still sold at 2180 dollars without any discount."

    The dress that originally cost over two thousand dollars was now being sold at half price. Indeed, it was very worth it.

    After calculating the price in her mind, Lin Yiqian made the decision to buy the dress without any hesitation. "Please get me the size for 1.1 meters."


    After having easily sold the dress, the salesperson proceeded to introduce Lin Yiqian to other similar clothes. Every single one of them had designs which Lin Yiqian liked. On top of that, most of them were being sold at over 50% discount that seemed very much worth buying.

    Once the purchases had been made, Lin Yiqian walked out of the store with bags of clothes that she had bought.

    Coincidentally, the entrance of the store was in front of an escalator. One of the signboards pointed out that the male's clothing section was one floor above.

    In fact, there were pictures of white shirts and formal pants on the signboards. An image of Gu Nianshen wearing them immediately came into Lin Yiqian's mind as she felt tempted to go up to the fourth floor.

    Come to think of it, she had never bought that fellow any clothes before.

    She wondered if he would actually wear them if she bought the clothes for him.

    How should she explain why she had bought clothes for him?

    Since Gu Nianshen had bought Lin Yiqian so many purses and clothes, she could perhaps say that it was a gift in return as she did not want to owe him anything.

    After deciding on an appropriate excuse, Lin Yiqian entered one of the closest male clothing stores. Although it was an outlet with discounted items, the brands sold there were still pretty well-known and better than most mediocre ones.

    As each of the shirts were hung on clothes hangers made from a special material, each of them shone brightly under the spotlights.

    "Would you like to have a look at the shirts?" A salesperson approached Lin Yiqian and asked politely after noticing that she had stopped near the shirts' section.

    "Yeah. I'm just having a look." Lin Yiqian nodded.

    As she spoke, she moved all the bags she carried to one hand before picking a shirt up with her free hand to inspect it closer.
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