321 She Forgot That She Didn’t Even Have A Daughter Ye

    As the salesperson stood next to Lin Yiqian, she tried to strike up a conversation with her. "Why are you buying so many clothes for little girls? Did the store you go to give you a lot of discounts?" She asked whilst looking at the bags of clothes in Lin Yiqian's hands.

    Lin Yiqian instinctively lowered her gaze to the bag of clothes in her hands. When she saw the extravagant dresses fit for princesses, she became stunned.

    It was an afterthought.

    Was she not suppose to buy clothes for Xiaoyu? Why did she end up buying so many female child clothes?

    Lin Yiqian had completely forgotten that she did not even have a daughter yet. All she had was a single son.

    Lin Yiqian was unsure of whether to cry or laugh as she stared at the bags of clothes.

    Meanwhile, the salesperson had not noticed the expression on Lin Yiqian's face as she proceeded to bring a few shirts to her. "All of this arrived earlier today. They are still fit for the season. This one is 30% off while the other one is 40% off."

    As Lin Yiqian looked at the clothes, the only thought that came to mind was Gu Nianshen's face.

    There was no reason for her to choose any of the clothes as everything would look good on him.

    Without even needing time to consider, Lin Yiqian pointed at all the clothes along the rack as she interrupted the salesperson. "Say no more. I want one of each of everything on this rack, in all designs and colors. They are for a man 185 centimeters in height."

    "Did you say... Everything?" The salesperson asked with a tone of uncertainty.

    All of that would cost hundreds of thousands.

    As Lin Yiqian did not like the feeling of being doubted, she raised her brows with a cold expression on her face. "Didn't you hear what I say?"

    Clearly, she was not happy.

    "Alright. I will prepare them for you immediately. Please have a seat while you wait." The salesperson nodded repeatedly as she apologized.

    Lin Yiqian took a few steps back before sitting down on a couch in the center of the store.

    When her attention returned to the bags of clothes in her hands, she was tempted to laugh yet again.

    What would she do with all these clothes?

    Would she let Xiaoyu wear them?

    'Eh?' She thought.

    It seemed like it might work. When Xiaoyu had slightly longer hair, people would confuse him as a girl. If he were to put on these clothes, he would definitely look like one.

    Perhaps, he would even look like Lin Yiqian's future daughter.


    Each time Gu Nianshen took a water break, he would habitually check his feed on WeChat.

    As soon as one of Lin Yiqian's posts appeared, he stopped drinking and began focusing on what was being written.

    'I feel that the country owes me an adorable daughter. I like her so much. What should I do?'

    Gu Nianshen first read through the sentence before tapping on the picture. It was a little girl's photo from the back. As the girl wore a pink dress, her petite figure reminded Gu Nianshen of someone he had once known in the past.

    The little girl seemed to look like Lin Yiqian when she was in the third grade and when her mother had forced her to participate in a kids' show. Back then, Lin Yiqian had no choice but to pick a song and do as she was told. When she went on stage, this was how she was dressed.

    Did Lin Yiqian like the girl because of the clothes? Or did she really want to have a daughter?

    Regardless of what the reason was, should she not find Gu Nianshen to make it happen?

    Why was she referring to the country? Would the country give her a daughter?

    What was this idiot trying to say?

    As Gu Nianshen pondered, he continued to study the picture.

    It looked as if the picture was taken at a store that sold kids' clothes. Was this a picture from the internet? Did she see this picture from another friend's post?

    Gu Nianshen lifted his hand as he rested his face against it whilst staring at the screen.

    He did not even notice Qi Shaodong knocking on the door. When Qi Shaodong entered the room and saw Gu Nianshen spacing out whilst staring at his phone, he wondered what Gu Nianshen was looking at.

    Having sensed Qi Shaodong's presence, Gu Nianshen's immediate reaction was to turn his phone off. He felt like a thief who was caught in the act.

    "What's the matter?" He then asked Qi Shaodong with a frown.
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