322 She Would Only Be Responsible For Giving Birth

    Qi Shaodong immediately cleared his curious thoughts as he looked at Gu Nianshen seriously. "Boss, my mother is here in Shanghai to visit. Can I leave the office now?"

    In actual fact, working hours were already over.

    Qi Shaodong still needed to get permission from Gu Nianshen. Indeed, his job was such a tough one.

    "Okay." Gu Nianshen murmured in a deep voice before turning his computer off and began walking toward the door.

    Normally, if Gu Nianshen turned his computer off, it meant he was getting off work.

    Qi Shaodong was somewhat surprised that Gu Nianshen was getting off work this early.

    He hurriedly followed after Gu Nianshen.

    As Gu Nianshen continued to walk away after exiting his office, it must have meant he was getting off work.

    When Qi Shaodong passed by his desk, he picked up his bag before catching up with Gu Nianshen. "Boss, I saw Mrs. Gu posting something on WeChat."

    After observing Gu Nianshen's reaction and seeing that nothing had changed, Qi Shaodong continued to speak. "Mrs. Gu is so beautiful. If you two have a daughter together, I'm sure she would be adorable. She would definitely be the daughter whom Lin Yiqian dreams of having."

    "Hmph!" Gu Nianshen snorted.

    The idiot had terrible genes. It would be better if their daughter inherited all of Gu Nianshen's genes and none of Lin Yiqian's.

    Lin Yiqian would only be responsible for giving birth to their daughter.

    'Hmph???' Qi Shaodong raised his brows confusedly. He did not understand why Gu Nianshen snorted at him.

    Did Gu Nianshen not like what Qi Shaodong had said?

    The more Qi Shaodong thought about it, the less certain he felt. "Boss, I'll send the picture to you. Please add me as your friend."

    Qi Shaodong took his phone out before smiling at Gu Nianshen.

    In return, Gu Nianshen rolled his eyes.

    Clearly, Qi Shaodong's offer had been rejected.

    Unwilling to give up, Qi Shaodong directly showed Gu Nianshen a picture. "Look. This is your wife's picture."

    As soon as Gu Nianshen heard that it was Lin Yiqian's picture, he lowered his gaze to Qi Shaodong's phone.

    In the photo, a woman wore a patient's robe as she stood inside a basketball court.

    It was indeed Lin Yiqian!

    Gu Nianshen immediately snatched the phone away from Qi Shaodong as he focused on the girl's face. As her body was tilted slightly to the other side, the photo showed only half of her face.

    In the picture, she seemed to be genuinely smiling as her lips curled up naturally whilst she focused on something on the basketball court.

    She was like the warm sun in winter that could melt even the coldest glaciers.

    Gu Nianshen could not help but lift his hand to gently touch the corner of the girl's lips in the picture.

    "This is a photo I have secretly taken when Mrs. Gu entered the basketball court last night. At the time, she was looking at you as if she were possessed," Qi Shaodong said.

    "Is that so?" Gu Nianshen's eyes lit up as he turned to look at Qi Shaodong.

    Was this idiot really looking at him?

    Qi Shaodong nodded confidently. "Yeah. There were only you and the other boys on the basketball court. Mrs. Gu couldn't even take her eyes off you. Whenever you had the ball in your hands, she seemed even more nervous than you were."

    It was not Qi Shaodong trying to suck up to Gu Nianshen. He was describing exactly what happened at the time.

    After listening to what Qi Shaodong said, Gu Nianshen thought about how Lin Yiqian had destroyed his phone last night.

    'I was angered by how Li Nanmu cheated...'

    At the time, Lin Yiqian looked as adorable as a kitten that had been provoked.

    'Hehe!' Gu Nianshen could not help but chuckle out loud.

    Despite lowering his head, he still could not control his laughter.

    It seemed that playing basketball really was useful.

    Qi Shaodong remained silent.

    Gu Nianshen's image as the cold and distant CEO had been completely wiped out of Qi Shaodong's mind. To Qi Shaodong, Gu Nianshen was like any other man who had fallen in love.
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